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SPARKS OF INGENUITY New fabrication tools that should be in your team’s chase trucks and pits By Dan Sanchez By Mike Vieria Every chase team or experienced off-road enthusiast knows that at one point or another, somethings going to break. Pick any SCORE race team and they’ll have at least one story on how they had to quickly weld something together to keep their vehicle in the race. Some teams rig up a heavy-duty battery with starter cables and a welding rod to make on the spot repairs, but there are so many affordable and compact welding systems and fabrication tools available, it makes sense to have a great kit that can work out in the field, as well as back in the shop. We gathered some of the latest from a variety of manufacturers, that can prove invaluable to make repairs during a race, but are powerful enough to handle larger jobs back in the shop. MILLER MULTIMATIC 220 AC/DC PORTABLE WELDING SYSTEM The new Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC is powerful and easy to use with either 120V or 240V. It delivers all-in-one multi-process capabilities for MIG, flux cored, DC TIG, and DC stick welding, as well as AC TIG capabilities. Weighing just 56 pounds, the Multimatic 220 AC/DC offers great portability and easily switches between processes. QuickTech technology automatically determines polarity, switches to the right process, and recalls setting from the last process used. MIG gun and TIG torch can stay connected at the same time. Includes multi-volt connector, M-100 MIG gun, Weldcraft A-150 TIG torch, foot control, and other accessories. MSRP is $2,999. MILLER MULTIMATIC 200 PORTABLE WELDING SYSTEM Miller’s Multimatic 200 weighs just 29 pounds and offers multi-process capabilities for MIG, TIG, flux cored, and DC stick, as well as multi-voltage capabilities. An Auto-Set Elite feature allows operators to quickly and easily set weld parameters based on material type, thickness, and application. An LCD interface prompts the operator to select proper polarity and gas mixture and uses basic language descriptions for alerts, rather than numeric codes. Available with or without TIG package. MSRP is $2129 without TIG and $2575 with TIG package. GEARWRENCH GEARWRENCH 82220 EXTENDABLE PRY BAR It’s always good to have a big pry-bar handy to make any repairs in the field. But Gearwench takes the prybar to a new level. Gearwrench’s 33-inch Extendable Pry Bar has 14 push-button locking head positions and 180-degree indexing for excellent access and leverage. The head is also grooved for better traction. Extendable handle collapses tool to 20 inches for easy storage. MSRP is $63. FRONIUS FRONIUS AccuPocket 150/400 TIG/STICK WELDER The 150/400 AccuPocket TIG/Stick Welder is a portable battery-powered unit with a self-contained Lithium Ion battery pack. Provides 150A welding power source by battery or 120V hybrid mode. Low power requirements allow use with 2KVA generators. Single battery charge will weld up to 18 3/32 electrodes or 124 inches TIG. Quick charges in 30 minutes, standard recharge in 45 minutes. Includes 13-foot air-cooled TIG torch, ground cable, and electrode cables, ActiveCharger 1000, Powerbox 180, and flow meter with pre-assembled gas adapter. MSRP is $3,825. FRONIUS AccuPocket 150/400 STICK WELDER The 150/400 AccuPocket Stick Welder uses a self-contained Lithium Ion battery pack, and operates on battery or hybrid 120V power. Provides 150A welding power with low power draw and recharges with 30-minute quick charge or 45-minute standard charge. Includes Active Charger 1000, Powerbox 180, and 13-foot ground and electrode cables. MSRP is $2,999. FRONIUS TransSteel 2200 MULTI PROCESS WELDER The TransSteel 2200 MV provides CC/CV TIG/MIG/Stick capabilities with 220 amp power. The highly portable unit weighs less than 53 pounds and has a bright LED display with rotary knob controls. It features pulsed ARC mode, tacking functions, high frequency ignition, and all-in-one torch connection. Includes power source, 13-foot TIG torch, 14-foot air-cooled MIG gun, 13-foot ground cable, integrated wire feeder, and flow meter with gas adapter and starter kits. MSRP is $2,850. ' CRESCENT CRESCENT OFFSET STRAIGHT AVIATION SNIPS Crescent/Wiss 9 4/5-inch Offset Straight Snips are designed to keep hands away from work for safety, as well for outstanding performance. They feature compound lever action and precision cast serrated blades to reliably cut up to 18-gauge steel, using 20% less force. Extended ergonomic hand grips mean reduced hand fatigue and spring action provides a fast, effortless feed. MSRP is $16. CRESCENT LOCKING SHEET METAL CLAMP Crescent’s 9-inch Locking Sheet Metal and Welder’s Clamp is nickel-plated to resist rust and corrosion, and has a long nose with a wire cutter. It features a curved jaw, angled teeth, and compound action for more power, an improved grip, and more versatility. The locking “C” clamp is faster and easier to use than standard clamps. MSRP is $20. CHICAGO PNEUMATICS CP7125 NEEDLE SCALER Chicago Pneumatics CP7125 Needle Scaler is ideal for surface cleanup and rust removal. This percussive tool features vibration damping and a rubber handle sleeve for better operator comfort. Unit comes with 1/8-inch needles for standard usage and 5/64-inch needles for finer work. Delivers 4000 blows per minute and has a ¼-inch air inlet. Call for pricing. CHICAGO PNEUMATICS CP9108Q-B PNEUMATIC GRINDER The Chicago Pneumatics CP9108Q-B Grinder is quiet and efficient, while providing up to 23,000 RPM speed from a 240W motor. It’s ideal for limited space applications and has a swiveling ¼-inch air inlet. Operator comfort in enhanced by low noise and vibration levels and a rubber grip. Call for pricing. CP8345 CORDLESS ANGLE GRINDER The new Chicago Pneumatics CP 8345 Cordless Angle Grinder provides the efficiency, convenience, and mobility of battery power, along with comfort and safety, in a compact, easy to use unit. The 4.5-inch grinding surface is capable of 8,500 RPM, with 750watts of power. A thin main grip and 20-degree side handle enable greater precision during cutting or grinding, and the position of the Lithium Ion battery ensures the grinders are well-balanced. Units are adjustable for left or right-handed operators, and include a 270-degree adjustable protective guard. Call for pricing. PIPEMASTER PIPEMASTER PRO RACER KIT The Pipemaster Pro Racer Kit takes the guesswork out of complicated tube and pipe joints, allowing you to achieve a perfect fit each time, without wasted time or materials. Pipemaster tools provide the ability to determine the exact shape, orientation, and length for each end cut. Slip the tool over the tube, press the templating pins into the joint, trace the material to be cut, then cut and weld into place, and you’re ready to go. Pro Racer kit includes tools for various size tubing from 1-inch to 2-inch O.D., and other tools are available individually or in kits for ½-inch diameter up to 12-inch diameter. MSRP for the Pro Racer Kit is $245.00.

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