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our friends and colleagues in the industry. They lent us a hand on the specialized digitizing and a couple needle, backing, tension and speed tricks to help us get the job done well. We also found that suspending the special yarn upside-down, above the embroidery heads, helped it fall off the cone and minimized thread breaks. Looks a little hillbilly, but that's just the kind of guys we are. In the men's group there was a particularly challenging request. Upon first examination, the style was a screen print in combination with a registered appliqué. A challenge, but one we were happy to take on. As we researched our options for completing the style, we found our client did not have the budget for us to get the job done correctly and stay at the retail price point where they needed to be. Rather than cancel the style, we suggested to build a screen print that looks like the appliqué they wanted, without the multimedia cost. We called it faux appliqué. One of the lines we use in seminars and workshops on specialty applications goes like this: "If you can make somethin' look like somethin' it 'aint, it always works!" True dat. There are some great examples from faux appliqué, to embroidery, suede, leather, diamond plate, nail heads, sequins, chenille, tapes, water droplets and ice crystals–they have all been done. And the list goes on and on. Some, more convincing than others. But, back to the project at hand…. On the faux front To build our type solution, we selected the type tool in Illustrator, spelled out "Stetson" in all caps and placed it in the center of our art board. With the copy selected, we scrolled through our fonts and settled on an athletic style we liked. Still selected, we changed our font to outlines. We've moved on to a new name. OYO Instruments is now Exile Technologies. Our name has changed. Our look has changed. Our attitude has not. We still provide the same outstanding products and have added some great new ones, too. We still deliver beautiful results fast and affordably. We still go above and beyond to serve your imaging needs. We're just doing it all with a much bolder image of our own. See for yourself. ILE-Motorcycle-2ThirdsPage.indd 1 PW_FEB13.indd 19 – (713) 343-5662 Use Info # 22 2013 February Printwear | 19 12/11/12 11:04 A 1/16/13 4:31 PM

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