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To open up a new business that is an exact clone of an existing business—all the way down to the business model, pricing, target customer and product—may be an attractive economic investment, but it is not a startup because its success depends only on execution. Most tools from general management are not designed to flourish in the harsh soil of extreme uncertainty in which startups exist. The future is unpredictable. Yet most startups, in garages and within enterprises alike, are still managed by using standard forecasts, product milestones and detailed business plans. These conventional management methods are not up to the task. Planning and forecasting are only accurate when they are based on a long, stable operating history and a relatively static environment. Startups have neither. After seeing traditional management fail to solve this problem, some entrepreneurs and investors throw up their hands and adopt the "Just Do It" school of startups; the belief that if management is the problem, chaos must be the solution. Unfortunately, this doesn't work either. It may seem counterintuitive to think that something as free-flowing and innovative as a startup can be managed, but, in fact, it must be managed. Most people think of process and management as boring and dull, whereas startups are dynamic and exciting. What's actually exciting is seeing startups succeed and change the world. The passion, energy and vision that people bring to these new ventures are resources too precious to waste. A true entrepreneur can, and must, do better. Be competitive by being more productive. High speed, dye-sub transfers. TS34-1800A features: When you're focused on fabric applications, Mimaki's newest TS34-1800A – a wide 74" sublimation printer designed specifically for the dye-sublimation transfer market – is engineered to give you a productive edge on the competition. It is ideal for the growing soft signage market, retail banners, and flags along with sportswear applications due to the durability and quick drying capability of polyester material. High speed – 345 sqft/hr in 4-color mode. An optional front Drying Fan attachment shortens drying time for a faster continuous take-up. Two newly developed piezo print heads in a staggered arrangement facilitate a wider printing coverage. 540, 720, 1440 dpi print resolutions with variable dot technology. Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS) ensures continuous ink supply of SB52 dye sublimation ink. Optional Bulk Ink System is available for extended runs. 888-530-3985 LA 888-530-3987 EMAIL INFO © 2012 Mimaki USA, Inc. ATL 888-530-3988 BOS 888-530-3986 CHI Use Info # 247 2013 February Printwear PW_FEB13.indd 23 | 23 1/16/13 4:21 PM

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