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Graphics Hot Spot by Wayne Potter |||| Color Management n Intermediate u Advanced Leave it to the English and French! E arly in 1672, Sir Isaac Newton, the English physicist, discovered that white light could be split into component Wayne Potter has more than 25 years of experience in the screen, lithocolors when it is passed through an optical glass prism. graphic and gravure printing of heat transfers and industrial marking Additionally, he observed that when the component light bands devices. He is a pioneer in the area of digital heat-transfer papers. Potter are passed through another prism they rejoin and make a white has spent most of his career developing new business, managing marketlight beam. The component colors in order of frequency are: ing, in sales and writing technical trouble-shooting articles. Up through red, orange, yellow, green, indigo (cyan blue) and violet. early 2012 he was vice president marketing development at Air Waves Inc. Some 241 years later, the Commission Internationale de in Columbus, Ohio. Currently, he is senior sales executive for Joto. ─ŻEclarige (CIE) was founded in France. Explicitly devoted to the exchange of information on all matters relating to the science and art of light, color and vision, the CIE has become the best authority on all matters related to Color, defined color and light. Even ISO looks to CIE in matters of color. Color results from an interaction between With commercial applications in mind, the International Color Consortium (ICC) was formed in light, a viewed object and a viewer. There 1993 by eight industry vendors to provide an open color management system. The goal was to is no color without light, object and a provide a color-management vehicle that would function transparently across operating systems viewer. Without light there would be no and software packages. Today, these ICC profiles allow matching of color from the point of crewavelengths; without objects there would be only white unmodified; and, without ation to final output as a direct-to-garment print, heat transfer or a poster or banner. Color management software takes the color information from a source device (usually in RGB) and translates the information to an output device (usually in CMYK). (All graphics courtesy the author) 26 | Printwear PW_FEB13.indd 26 February 2013 1/18/13 10:01 AM

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