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process that historically measures designs and stitch parameters in millimeters––I found myself saying that old "hindsight" phrase almost daily. To quickly correct the handicap, I created an inch-to-millimeter conversion calculator to use on my website, and later decided to make it a public web page for other embroiderers who may share my metric disability. As visitors found the handy calculator feature, they told their friends and colleagues. When the search engines picked up on my simple creation, I found a steady amount of traffic visiting my website regularly, in fact daily, to use the calculator. The lesson to take from this example is that I was able to target my audience (embroiderers) with the addition of the calculator. It not only drove traffic to my website, but generated "qualified traffic" to a place where I brought my digitizing services to their attention. Use Info # 79 Case studies Another option for related content is a tried-and-true marketing idea: case studies. Case studies allow site operators to present potential customers with a summary of sorts relating to your existing customers' success stories. By briefly explaining business methods, products or services offered, how they were implemented and the overall success of the promotional campaign, visitors can read and gain confidence in your abilities, see firsthand what products or services may have been successful and even invite them to use more imagination on their part. Another benefit to having web pages that include case studies, testimonials and consumer reports related to your products and services is that the site will naturally include more keywords and content, increasing your probability of being found online, hopefully by "qualified" visitors. 2013 February Printwear PW_FEB13.indd 31 | 31 1/18/13 10:35 AM

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