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Timeless Fashion Oxfords and Denim by l Beginner n Intermediate Jimmy Lamb S ome things never really change. Take, for example, denim and oxford shirts. They have been around for many years, yet still remain popular and have changed little, if any, in their basic design. However, that doesn't mean that you can't freshen them up a bit by using creative placements and unique applications. In fact, creativity is the driving force that sets the leaders apart from the followers in this industry. Innovators who stand at the forefront of the industry typically got there by developing new embellishment opportunities that turned heads, opened doors and brought in new revenue streams. Take on this same challenge! Don't get stuck in the left-chest-logo rut. Award-winning author and international speaker, Jimmy Lamb has more than 20 years of apparel decoration business experience and extensive knowledge in many facets of commercial embroidery and digital decorating including business startup, operations, techniques, marketing, sales, mobile, digitizing and management. He is also the author of The Embroidery Business Survival Guide and speaks at industry events and tradeshows. Lamb is currently the Manager of Communications for Sawgrass Technologies where he has been instrumental in developing its educational seminars and webinars. Reach him at Familiar territory For the purposes of our discussion, we will define the oxford/denim category as garments which have: •A structured collar, possibly a buttondown style, but not necessarily, •Buttons up the front, top to bottom, •An optional pocket on the left or right chest, •An extended tail, •Either long or short sleeves, and/or •A fabric composition of denim, oxford cloth or something similar. In all likelihood, you have already decorated one of these shirts by applying a logo to the left chest or possibly to the right chest. In a rare case, you may have done a full-back design as well. But for most decorators, the left chest application is the only one and it was probably done with embroidery. Question—was it you or the customer who chose the location? Most likely, it was you who made the initial recommendation 42 | Printwear PW_FEB13.indd 42 February 2013 1/18/13 10:05 AM

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