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INSIDE Embroidery |||| The anatomy of an embroidered design "Picture Show" Digitized by Malgorzata "Margaret" Lewandowski, stitched by Graphic Elements (now GraphicElephants) Fast Facts: • There are between 9,000 and 10,000 stitches in the design. • It took 30 minutes to stitch with the machine running at 800 SPM. • There are five different colored Isachord threads incorporated. • It is stitched with #65/9 needles and stabilized with Double Solvy Topping. This multi-media project took the intricately-stitched design a step further by incorporating an appliqué with the appearance of textured leather. Takeaway Tip The digitizer programmed in stops to drop in the appliqué material as well as added perforation stitches for it, which helped to remove the excess. PWJAN13 EmbBiz IFC.indd 1 (Image and information provided by Lon Winters, 1/21/13 9:25 AM

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