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part the reason they are the profitable franchise they are today. They determined that the upsell, offering an additional item with every order is the key to easily increasing profits. The numbers prove that we, as consumers, are very susceptible to this sort of suggestion. Especially for one-person operations, it is easy to get busy in all the details of filling orders. You are usually busy producing embroidery all the time. As the business owner, no matter if you are the only employee or if you have a staff, your primary job is to grow the financial health and profitability of your company. Creating embroidery is the way you accomplish it. Achieving success requires that you see the larger picture and keep the goal of earning profits front-and-center. Your customers are coming to you for a solution to a need they have. You will find that they are open to your suggestions more frequently than you would imagine. Consider every conversation with your customers as an opportunity to serve them by providing them with many options to best meet their needs. In doing so, you will increase your profits and prove yourself to be a valuable resource for your customers because you offer suggestions and help them find the best possible solutions. The profitability of your company is a direct result of the leadership you provide to yourself and to your customers. Since we are still in the early phase of a new year, it is an excellent time to develop the skill of knowing the profitability of your typical orders. By actively deciding that you want to grow profits this year and then implementing even one or two of the strategies mentioned here, you may find that, at the end of 2013, you are looking at a much more profitable company. pw 2013 February Printwear PW_FEB13b.indd 71 | 71 1/18/13 4:56 PM

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