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USICERINKS.COM JANUARY.FEBRUARY.2019 / 45 have demonstrations on how to tie skates, how a helmet should fit, how to fall and get up, and introduce the basics of skating and how to get involved. Skate-a-Thon: Running a Skate-a- Thon is also a great way to get the local community involved in a cause or fundraiser while skating. Make a pledge to donate a specific dollar amount for every lap completed. Work on securing sponsors to donate prizes and have giveaways throughout the day. Remember, a Skate-a-Thon is a great way to host an event that is specific to your facility's local market. Exhibitions: Hosting an exhibition during National Skating Month is another amazing opportunity to showcase your program and the local talent you have at your facility. From basic skills skaters to higher level skaters, to hockey players, to synchro teams, everyone loves an exhibition, no matter what the level. Have an emcee and a script to carry the parent through the journey of each of your skaters. The journey of all the skaters started the same way with a very first step onto the ice. Sometimes we forget but we all started out as beginners. Don't forget to spread the word: Promote your event. There are so many fun, easy ways to get your National Skating Month event out to the public. Social media alone will boost any event that you should plan. Utilize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote your event but don't forget about reaching out to your local media too. Reach out to your local television channels, radio stations and newspapers. Most importantly, have fun and be safe. Remember, it's the most wonderful time of the year. With the kids gliding, skating, and everyone playing and spreading good cheer, screaming National Skating Month is at last finally here! For more information and additional resources including the 2019 National Skating Month Proclamation, Administrative Manual and Digital Ads, go to usfsa.org/programs. J , Bring a Buddy to Class events can help increase your customer base for years to come. Athletica Sport Systems is the industry leader in Arena Supplies, Maintenance and Services. Call us today for more information or email us at info@athletica.com Your Arena Services Partner. Waterloo, ON - Toll-free: 1.877.778.5911 Minneapolis, MN - Toll-free: 1.800.809.7465 Just a few of the many different arena maintenance products we offer. I c e S c r a p e r s S p e c t a t o r G l a s s S c o r e B o a r d s I c e P a i n t S h o v e l P r o t e c t i v e N e t t i n g G l a s s L i f t e r s N e t P r o t e c t o r s P o l y R a m p s L i f t G a t e S h i e l d i n g S c r e w s S t i c k S t o r a g e L i n e K i t s D a s h e r S e c t i o n s T e m p l a t e K i t s S t o r a g e C a r t s F l o o r i n g H o c k e y G o a l F r a m e s I c e E d g e r s B l e a c h e r s I c e C o v e r s R i n k D i v i d e r s S h i e l d i n g S u p p o r t s C l e a n i n g P r o d u c t s B e n c h e s C a p R a i l G o a l P a d s T r a i n i n g A i d s

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