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The Lucerna Hotels & Resorts SCORE Desert Challenge: Cameron Steele Has His Day By Dan Sanchez Photos By Get Some Photo After finishing second in San Felipe, a disappointing 20th place finish at the 50th SCORE Baja 500, Cameron Steele still knew he had a winning combination during the 2018 SCORE season. He proved it at the Lucerna Hotels & Resorts SCORE Desert Challenge in Tijuana when he finished first and won the SCORE Trophy Truck class. It was his first SCORE Trophy Truck win that he says gave him and his team a great boost of confidence in their entire racing program. The course in Tijuana was a fast 33.7-mile course that had competitors going all out to gain the fastest times over two days of racing. For the number 11 Rockstar Energy Team, Rob MacCachren was competing elsewhere so they added Justin B. Smith to the roster who didn’t disappoint. Smith drove to a second place victory, keeping MacCachren in the points lead for the class championship. The shorter course had other class drivers showcasing their speed, especially Broc Dickerson who finished third overall and first in Class 10. His time was only 36 seconds slower than Smith in the Rockstar Energy SCORE Trophy Truck. In Class 1, Brad Wilson took control of the division to lead the points race towards a championship, as did Gus Vildosola Sr. in the SCORE Trophy Truck Legends class, and William Hedrick Jr. in the SCORE Trophy Truck Spec class. Pro UTV racers knew that winning in Tijuana was crucial to their plans for the 51st SCORE Baja 1000 race, so many racers entered hoping to win an get a good starting position. SCORE fans once again saw Wayne Matlock battle against Rhys Millen for the fastest times in the Pro UTV FI class. Ultimately Millen had the fastest time, but with Matlock finishing second, he secured a substantial lead in the points race for a class championship. For Jesus Mendez Jr. his two-day race within the Pro UTV Unlimited class ended with another first-place victory. Well ahead of the competition in points towards a class championship, Mendez looked forward to a perfect season at the SCORE Baja 1000 in November. Fans had also hoped Kristen Matlock would also be at the top of the Pro UTV NA class but she had mechanical issues that eventually prevented her from finishing, ending her perfect season at that point. One of the most exciting races at the Lucerna Hotels & Resorts SCORE Desert Challenge was within Class 11. Fans witnessed Viry Felix win a tough battle against Dennis Hollenbeck, Mario Vasquez, and Eric Solorzano for a crucial race that could lead to a class championship and a good starting position for the SCORE Baja 1000. Pro Moto racers ripped through a muddy course that was difficult for them, but exciting for fans to watch. Once again, the 7x team of Justin Morgan and Mark Samuels took the Pro Moto Unlimited win, followed by Santiago Creel in the 66x bike finished second and his 100x team also finished second Pro Moto Limited class behind the 106x team of Phillip Jaramillo. Continuing their winning streak was Jano Montoya on the 400x bike in Pro Moto 40, Giovanni Spinali on the 510x bike in Pro Moto 50, and Guy Laycraft on the 649x bike in Pro Moto 60. Said Sanchez also continued to win in Pro Quad and finished with a substantial lead towards a season points championship. SJ

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