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February 2019

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Dirty water Water can be contaminated in a number of ways. As mentioned earlier, large particles can plug intake strainers. Small particles such as silt and sand are very difficult and costly to filter out, and are very abrasive. These small particles can significantly shorten the life of the pump and valves. The water can also have chemical contaminants or pH problems that can be damaging to pump materials and seals. The pump designer needs to understand the water quality very well before specifying the pump materials. Poor system design Some pumping systems are plagued with problems from the day they are commissioned because of poor design. The market is full of various pump designs and configurations that all have a very specific purpose. One pump can work perfectly in one application, yet fail miserably in another application. The controls and instrumentation are equally as important in the success of any pumping system. Every component needs to work in harmony with every other component to provide a smooth pipeline fill without water hammer, and then to maintain a constant pressure under changing flow conditions as pivots turn on and off. WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 19

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