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February | March 2019 | Ignitemag.ca | 11 WHAT DO YOU THINK? How have changing global weather patterns impacted your planning process? Get in on the conversation on our Facebook page. Beyond the headline-making weather destruc- tion are developments in mild weather patterns. NOAA researcher Sarah Kapnick says, "Changes in mild weather days are due to changes in tem- perature, precipitation or humidity. In general, mild weather days are lost in the tropics due to increases in temperature (days become too hot) and humidity. Mild weather days are generally gained in the mid-to-high latitudes (above 45°N, where Seattle and Canada are located) and at high elevations due to increasing temperatures (where cold non-mild weather days are replaced by warmer mild weather days in the future). While this is positive if you enjoy being outside, other research has shown this is at the expense of the number of days when snow can occur, decreasing the amount of snowfall in many places, which is an issue for water resources and tourism." Over the next century, NOAA projects that Vancouver, Seattle, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto will add three weeks of mild weather, while Orlando and the Caribbean will lose three weeks to the discomfort of heat and humidity. Changing weather means planners can turn to their insurer for advice. Andrew Spencer, an account executive with Prolink Insurance in Toronto, says, "Because these events are becoming more frequent and of a greater mag- nitude, in the last five years, sales of our Events Cancellation Insurance has gone up tenfold." So before committing to a contract, see what the insurance industry thinks of your time and destination. Their opinion could be reflected in higher premiums or an outright refusal to provide coverage. Spencer's advice is to consider whether to insure anticipated revenues or budget, then asking "what happens if there is a significant incident that leads to the attendance of your event being reduced by a big factor, but doesn't merit cancellation of the entire event? A lot of insurance policies will only pay out if the entire event is cancelled. However, a good event can- cellation policy will cover additional costs due to postponement or relocation. In this case, it's in the insurance company's best interest to work with the event planner to relocate [the event]." It's one tool to prevent bad weather from ruining your program. Oerin the unexpected, it's movin away from the usual to spark the imaination. Attention to detail is key to makin an event unforettable. Our Simplifiers are dedicated to oerin you memorable experiences. lavalmeetindestination.com 1 877 465-2825 M E E T I N G D E S T I N A T I O N

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