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Sen. Tim Solobay Sen. Michael Waugh Rep. John Bear Rep. Stephen Bloom Rep. Scott Conklin Rep. Dom Costa Rep. Bryan Cutler Rep. Peter Daley Rep. Tina Davis Rep. John Evans Rep. Rick Geist Rep. Marcia Hahn Rep. Gary Haluska Rep. Michael Hanna Rep. Patrick Harkins Rep. Dick Hess Rep. Nick Kotik Rep. John Lawrence Rep. Mark Longietti Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski Rep. John Payne Rep. Tony Payton, Jr. Rep. Scott Perry Rep. Curt Sonney Rep. Marcy Toepel Rhode Island Sen. Louis DiPalma Sen. Hanna Gallo Sen. William Walaska Rep. Daniel Gordon South Carolina Sen. Larry Martin Rep. Dan Hamilton Rep. J. Gary Simrill Rep. Tommy Stringer South Dakota Sen. Jim Hundstad Sen. Jim Putnam Rep. Thomas Brunner Rep. Elaine M. Elliot Rep. Peggy Gibson Rep. Steve Hickey Rep. Charles Hoffman Rep. Mark Kirkeby Rep. Tona Rozum Rep. Mark Willadsen Tennessee Rep. Harry Brooks Rep. Sheila Butt Rep. Vince Dean Rep. JoAnne Favors Rep. Craig Fitzhugh Rep. Jim Gotto Rep. Sherry Jones Rep. Charles Michael Sargent Rep. Mike Sparks Rep. John Tidwell Rep. Curry Todd Rep. Joe Towns Rep. Mark White Texas Rep. Wayne Christian Rep. Garnet Coleman Rep. Allen Fletcher Rep. Larry Gonzales Rep. Patricia Harless Rep. Charlie Howard Rep. George Lavender Rep. Sid Miller Rep. Joe Pickett Rep. Burt Solomon Rep. Van Taylor Rep. James White Rep. Paul Workman Utah Sen. Gene Davis Sen. Scott Jenkins Sen. Howard Stephenson Rep. Tim Cosgrove Rep. Gage Froerer Rep. Neal Hendrickson Rep. Gregory Hughes Rep. Curtis Oda Rep. Patrick Painter Rep. Stephen Sandstrom Rep. Kenneth Sumsion Vermont Sen. Joe Benning Sen. Kevin Mullin Sen. Richard Westman Rep. Jim Condon Virginia Sen. Emmett Hanger Sen. L. Louise Lucas Delegate Daniel Marshall Delegate Mark L Keam Delegate Kenneth Plum Delegate Tom Rust Delegate Mark Sickles Delegate Ron A. Villanueva Delegate Onzlee Ware Washington Sen. Mike Carrell Sen. Jerome Delvin Sen. Jim Honeyford Rep. Mike Armstrong Rep. Jan Angel Rep. Cary Condotta Rep. Larry Crouse Rep. Bob Hasegawa Rep. Troy Kelley Rep. Ed Orcutt Rep. Marcie Maxwell West Virginia Sen. Bob Beach Sen. Dave Sypolt Delegate Tom Azinger Delegate Ray Canterbury Delegate Mitch Carmichael Delegate Walter E. Duke Delegate John Ellem Delegate Allen V. Evans Delegate Ron Fragale Delegate Gary Howell Delegate Patrick Lane Delegate Virginia Mahan Delegate Carol Miller Delegate Cliff Moore Delegate Eric Nelson, Jr. Delegate Amanda Pasdon Delegate Brian Savilla Delegate Kelli Sobonya Delegate Erikka Storch Delegate Linda Sumner Delegate Harry Keith White Wisconsin Sen. Glenn Grothman Sen. Mary Lazich Sen. Van Wanggaard Rep. Ed Brooks Rep. Elizabeth Coggs Rep. Steve Kestell Rep. John Nygren Rep. Roger Rivard Wyoming Sen. Ogden Driskill Rep. Stan Blake Rep. Pat Childers Rep. Bunky Loucks Rep. Sue Wallis State Legislation Priorities SEMA has set several state-level legislative priorities for this year. Through its Government Affairs office and the SEMA Action Network (SAN), the association will lobby lawmakers and mobilize members to act on proposed legislation that could impact the automotive hobby. Listed below are those priorities that could most impact pre-1980 vehicles and the shops that work on them. • Accelerated Vehicle Scrappage: SEMA opposes scrappage proposals. Where proposals can't be defeated, SEMA seeks to amend them to protect collector vehicles, focus on gross polluters, use measured emissions values, allow parts recycling and include repair/upgrade alternatives. • Emissions Testing and Maintenance Programs: SEMA supports programs that properly focus inspection procedures and do not confuse legitimate aftermarket parts with emissions-defeating devices and state and federal tampering violations. SEMA also supports proactive legislative initiatives to establish exemptions from inspections for low-mileage vehicles, classic vehicles (defined as 25 years old and older) and newer vehicles. • Specialty Vehicle Titling and Registration: SEMA supports initiatives that allow for the use of non-original materials and create a titling and registration criterion that assigns these vehicles the same model-year designations as the production vehicles they most closely resemble. SEMA supports initiatives to establish distinctive license plates and separate vehicle code definitions for these cars to allow special consideration during emissions testing and equipment inspections. SEMA supports initiatives to create classic motor-vehicle project titles that apply to vehicles undergoing restoration that are at least 25 years old, not roadworthy and currently without a title or with a title from another state. SEMA supports initiatives to establish minimal one-time registration fees for specialty vehicles and opposes efforts to disproportionately increase registration fees and taxes for these cars based on state budget deficiencies. SEMA supports legislation that allows vehicles with these special registrations to be driven for a variety of purposes, including occasional transportation, exhibitions, club activities, parades, tours and similar uses. • Tire Fuel Efficiency: SEMA opposes separate state legislation requiring the development of a program to mandate that replacement tires for passenger cars meet fuel-efficiency standards. • Tire Aging: SEMA opposes state legislation to limit the distribution or sale of tires based strictly on age. • Exhaust Systems: SEMA opposes legislation or regulations that unfairly discriminate against modified exhaust systems and apply arbitrary enforcement standards relative to muffler noise limits. SEMA supports efforts to reduce improper citations and encourage modifications that comply with applicable state regulations. • Street Racing: SEMA supports efforts to abolish illegal street racing through focused legislation designed to incentivize drivers to pursue racing activities at legal racing venues. SEMA opposes anti-streetracing legislation that unfairly targets owners of legally modified vehicles for enhanced scrutiny, title branding and additional fees. HRR 2013 January/February HOTROD & Restoration HRR_Jan/Feb13_Pages64-128.indd 125 125 1/24/13 2:52 PM

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