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January/February '13

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Professional Car Builders Depend On WD-40® WD-40 is a tool I use all the time in my shop. Besides being a great cutting lubricant and the perfect fix for that noisy castor, I like to use it on tough-to-install o-rings and rubber grommets. No other product has such a wide range of uses. It's a 'must-have' tool for my shop. " — Dave Lane, owner FastLane Rod Shop Donahue, Iowa Dave Lane We use WD-40 in every aspect of the hot rod building process. We use it to loosen rusty bolts and nuts, and it helps to keep our chrome parts, tools and equipment clean and rust-free, even during the hot and humid North Carolina summers. We would recommend this product to anyone who's serious about building hot rods. — Daniel Valjevac, owner Retro Designs, Concord, North Carolina Daniel Valjevac WD-40 is a product we use from the beginning of a hot rod and restoration project to the end. It's the product we reach for on day one of the initial tear down, and it stays with us right up until the final maintenance and detailing work. — Rob Ida, owner Rob Ida Concepts, Morganville, New Jersey Rob Ida HRR06-38_WD40.indd 2 Quik-Link: 1-800-306-0133 ext. 12112 1/25/13 4:56 PM

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