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The Tri Five Market Tri-5 Conversion mount kits and headers provide engine bay clearance and room for suspension components in lowered vehicles. (Courtesy Hedman Hedders) The right cooling is critical for a bigger and badder motor pushing a restored Tri-Five Chevy. (Courtesy Speedway Motors) Disc brake conversions make it easier to stop a "new" restored Tri-Five. (Courtesy Speedway Motors) New chassis built to fit Tri Five bodies are stronger and made with thicker materials to provide better suspension, steering and overall handling. (Courtesy Newman Car Creations) Bolt-in, OEM-style engine mounts for the TriFive market. (Courtesy Speedway Motors) Full Body T hose looking to go the distance with Tri Fives and build "new" old cars have a healthy choice of manufacturers that offer brand new body tubs for all three years and in three body styles. And why not? These "new" Fivers offer better construction than their older counterparts, improved designs and the biggest benefit of building a car without having to "resurrect" metal that has had almost 60 years and untold miles to decompose. What self respecting "gearhead" has not thought of him or herself cruising with the top down and having everyone check out their cool '57? So, with a demand like that, it was only a matter of time until these new products would hit the streets. Woody's Hot Rodz has been offering their "Real Deal Steel" '55-'57 hard top, convertibles and sedans for only two years but, so far, have sold over 70. They assemble them in their Indiana shop for buyers that want resto or rod. One enticing model offered is a "Nose Bleed" repro '57 gasser complete with straight axle and fenderwell headers. Another builder is located north of the border in Campbellford, Ontario, Canada. Prototype Research & Development Ltd. may be the 38 oldest producer of Tri Five bodies. They've been building them since 1993 with most of them sold as turnkey cars. They offer 1955 and 1957 convertibles with high-end quality and a full warranty and have sold well over 100 of each. If that's not enough to indicate the popularity of Tri Fives, note that their Chevys have been shipped to 17 different countries. David Carlaw told us they also offer their own chassis and other hard components. Sherman and Associates, a longtime builder of replacement parts for a number of cars and trucks, offers two convertibles – a '55 and a '57 – ready to be finished. They say their Fivers are, "…the result of a great deal of work by a dedicated group of people who simply refused to let this American classic disappear into the realm of a 'collector only' vehicle as original body parts become harder and harder to find." Also selling ragtops are Bob's Classic Chevy with a '55, Danchuk with a '57, and TriFive Bodies making all three of the classic years. If you are looking for "new" Tri Fives, it won't take you long to get hooked up! HRR Hotrod & Restoration January/February 2013 HRR_Jan/Feb13_Pages1-63.indd 38 1/24/13 2:24 PM

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