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January/February '13

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n n n n CLEAN ROOM A nyone who assembles their own engines (after machining/cleaning has taken place) wishes they had a "clean room" for the operation — a sealed-off-fromthe-world quiet sanctuary where you can focus on the fine details of precision engine assembly without worrying about dirt, dust, or distractions. A special room where the floor is pristine-clean and the lights illuminate every nook and cranny, and where your tools are organized and dedicated strictly for the purpose of fitting, measuring and assembly of your new power plant. Your own little cocoon, where you can patiently and painstakingly play without sharing space with other activities. In other words, your own little piece of heaven. Well, I decided to bite the bullet and create this ideal workspace in my tech shop. I don't claim that this is the perfect room (tastes and needs vary), but maybe you can pick up a few ideas based on what I did. The Ideal Engine Assembly Room An example of an ultimate clean room for engine assembly. 40 Story and photos by Mike Mavrigian Hotrod & Restoration January/February 2013 HRR_Jan/Feb13_Pages1-63.indd 40 1/24/13 2:24 PM

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