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January/February '13

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After plotting a 19.5' x 16' space for the project, I built my own engine room with the gracious help of two buddies who actually know what they're doing in terms of construction and electrical work. (I served mostly as the general laborer and go-fer for most of the room construction). Thanks to Rob Holland and Brian Carruth for their long hours and expert work. The room is very basic in terms of overall construction: 2x4 studs, R22 insulation and 5/8" drywall with a grid-type drop ceiling. Total cost for construction materials, including lumber, insulation, drywall, doors, window, electrical materials, grid ceiling, lighting, floor paint and wall paint added up to about $5,000, which isn't bad, considering that if the job had been farmed out to a contractor, the total could easily have exceeded $20,000. The centerpiece of the room consists of the white Lista cabinets and worktops. These run the entire length of a 19.5' wall. The cabinets provide all of the needed storage for all of the room's tools (hand tools, electric tools, specialty tools, precision measur- Faster Lighter Stronger ing tools, etc.), as well as inventories of specialty fasteners, gaskets, misc. parts, etc. My concept for the room was to create a "white" space (kind of a surgical clean-room look), so the walls and the cabinets are sanitary white. A white backdrop not only looks "clean," but also helps to add reflected light to create a bright, shadowless working environment. LIGHTING Lighting is an extremely important aspect for a room of this type, so I figured that more was better. Our application features nine 4'x 2' grid-mounted fluorescent light fixtures. For bulbs, it's important to understand that not all bulbs are created equal, so it's important to do a bit of research to determine which type of bulb is best for the application. The T-12 style is the "old" style light fixture that features magnetic ballasts. This is being phased out in favor of the new T-8 style, which features electronic ballasts. During a conversation Get the ultimate upgrade! The G-Machine Chassis Endless custom possibilities Build your own at Entirely servicable Luxury comfort or call 815.206.2230 for more information Over 20 different models Race-proven design Infinitely adjustable Quik-Link: 1-800-306-0133 ext. 12121 2013 January/February Hotrod & Restoration HRR_Jan/Feb13_Pages1-63.indd 41 41 1/25/13 3:19 PM

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