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with a Sylvania tech rep, I was told that the new T-8 style is more energy efficient, uses a smaller-diameter bulb, and the bulbs are more "ecologically friendly" (meaning that they don't emit toxic substances when tossed in the trash). When choosing the bulb type, we consider wattage output, color reference and Kelvin temperature. All of these factors will affect the brightness and "degree" of light, in terms of color (some bulbs alter the color of the room while others more accurately produce true color) and warmth. A "warmer" light, as used in a dentist's waiting room for example, provides a softer and more soothing light, intended to put people at ease. An operating room, on the other hand, requires a "colder" light that more crisply defines objects in the room. For our situation, Sylvania recommended their XPS #841 (part number 21681), specifically a 34-watt T-8 bulb that emits 4100 Kelvin and provides an 85 on the color index scale (a fairly "cold" and accurate color). This bulb is designed for use with the newer T-8 style light fixture. If you're using the older T-12 fixtures, Sylvania then recommends their F40WCWX, part number 24442 (pack number p/n 24441 is the individual bulb number). This offers 4100 Kelvin and a color index of 87, which is very close in lighting results to the T-8 version. Any of the bulbs we mentioned range in unit price from about $2 to $4 each, depending on where you shop. I bought our bulbs at a local construction-trade wholesale distributor for $2.07 each. DOORS The new engine room features one main entry door, with an access door that connects the assembly room to the adjoining engine storage room, and a third door that allows access to the finished-engine storage room directly from the shop area. While wider is always better, I opted for 36" wide doors. The reason: cost. "Standard" doors are available up to a maximum of 36", while anything wider is considered a "custom" size. Going to a 40" wide door would mean spending much more money via a commercial door specialty shop. Since my Goodson engine carts measure 32" wide, I figured that a 36" wide opening would suffice, as long as I'm careful when rolling a cart through the doorway. So, I simply made a trip to my local Home Depot and purchased a pre-hung residen- w��.i�i�i��n�.c�� 517-424-05�7 100% AMERICAN MADE 8-POSITION TILT 4-WAY FLASHERS SELF-CANCELING TURN SIGNALS RETRO STYLE SAVE SPACE WITH AVAILABLE IN PAINTABLE STEEL, CHROME, BLACK POWDER COATED, BRUSHED OR POLISHED ALUMINUM FINISHES IDIDIT'S 9-BOLT SHORTY STEERING WHEEL ADAPTOR ADAPT YOUR ORIGINAL WHEEL WITH THE HELP OF IDIDIT'S 1955-68 HORN KIT SECURE YOUR COLUMN WITH OUR CLASSIC CHEVY FLOOR MOUNT KNOBS & LEVERS 3 7/8" WIRING PLUG COLUMN SHIFT FEATURES A NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH & HAS THE ABILITY TO USE STOCK IN-DASH SHIFT INDICATOR 1955-57 CHEVY ididit Steering Columns Quik-Link: 1-800-306-0133 ext. 12122 2013 January/February Hotrod & Restoration HRR_Jan/Feb13_Pages1-63.indd 43 43 1/25/13 3:21 PM

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