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and clean into the room. In order to balance room pressure, you also need vents to draw air out of the room. The vents can be wall mounted, and should feature adjustable louvers to allow you to adjust room pressure. The HEPA filters aren't cheap, at about $650 each. According to industry experts, you should install enough HEPA filter units to cover about 20% of the ceiling area. Our room, for instance, measures 16' x 20' for a ceiling square footage of 320 square feet. In this example, we would need about 64 square feet of HEPA filters, which translates into eight 2x4 HEPA filters (for a total of about $5,200 for the filter units). I didn't have that kind of budget, but if you can afford it, this is a nice way to go to minimize airborne particulates. The HEPA filter units should tie into your overhead heating/AC ductwork. Innotech also offers these HEPA filters. According to Nelson Werkema at Clean Rooms International, here are some guidelines relative to air filtration for our sample room, which measures 16' x 20' x 12' high. In addition to the HEPA motorized filter units (which will push air into the room), two outgoing vents are required in order to maintain a positive air pressure within the room. He suggested adjustable louver vents of approximately 18" square, mounted on two opposing walls. This setup would provide an efficient air travel through the room area. In order to meet clean room class 100,000: • 2 HEPA units would provide 18 air changes per hour; • 3 HEPA units would provide 26 air changes per hour; • 4 HEPA units would provide 35 air changes per hour. Revolutionary. Evolutionary. VDO. Nelson noted that class 10,000 is designed to meet the standards of hospital surgical rooms and similar clean room applications, which is likely overkill for an engine assembly room. He suggested that class 100,000 would be more than sufficient. For instrumentation that stands the test of time, go with VDO. Get the world-class instruments and accessories that can only come from a century of engineering expertise. VDO - A Trademark of the Continental Corporation In order to meet clean room class 10,000: • 5 HEPA units would provide 50 air changes per hour; • 7 HEPA units would provide 70 air changes per hour; • 9 HEPA units would provide 90 air changes per hour. Everything you need for your ride to shine we've perfected, revolutionized, and then perfected again. And we're not resting on our laurels. With the new Viewline Series, we're offering our highest level of technology and the most customizable gauges kit ever. For every era, a revolution. Yours from VDO. For more information or to find a dealer in your area, e-mail: Check out the complete VDO catalog online: Like us at Quik-Link: 1-800-306-0133 ext. 12124 2013 January/February Hotrod & Restoration CO1333_HotRod_Restor_halfPageIsland_Enthusiast_1-2013_V1.1.indd 1 HRR_Jan/Feb13_Pages1-63.indd 47 47 1/24/13 2:48 PM 1/25/13 3:22 PM

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