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BATTERY-OPERATED TUNGSTEN GRINDER HTP America has introduced its new Battery Operated Tungsten Grinder, which is designed HORIZONTAL BAR ROLLER LIFTERS to be portable enough to take The new Horizontal Link-Bar Roller Mechanical Lifters from Lunati feature from job to job. The grinder has a pop-up, spring-loaded link-bar design that makes it quicker and easier to six speeds to choose from, rangmake camshaft changes, said the company. The lifters are very light, weighing from 8,000-30,000 rpm. It ing in at less than 200 grams, which reduces valve train weight and helps features a digital display and puts a 22.5-degree point on a tungsten to increase the life cycles of all of the valve train components, especially electrode during each use. It can be used to flatten, sharpen and cut elecHRR0812cyberdyne Pagestressed racing valve springs, the company added. The bodies of the lifters # QL#______167 trodes and is available as an adjustable model as well. The adjustable are machined from aircraft-grade steel alloy and heat-treated for strength model offers all of the features of the company's standard grinder, as and wear resistance. They are hand-assembled with heat-treated steel axles, well as the added bonus of being able to adjust the angle, or the point wheels and needle bearings. The wheels are metallurgically compatible with of tungsten from 10-30 degrees. According to the company, both types roller camshaft lobe materials and are heat-treated to prevent wear and of grinders provide an alternative to using contaminated grinding wheels lobe tracking. The lifters can be dropped in without any block machining. that are often used to sharpen electrodes. Both Battery Operated Tungsten The lifters are available in 0.842-inch outside diameter, with applications for Grinders include 1/16-, 3/32- and 1/8-inch collets, all enclosed in a carsmall-block Chevy V-8, Chevy 90-degree V-6 (4.3L) and big-block Chevy, rying case with a battery charger. Both versions of the Battery Operated Mark IV and396-454. Tungsten Grinder are available as 110-Volt models as well. For more information, go to For more information, go to Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12324 Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12325 Increase Your sales anD ProfIts WItH GPS reCeIver can be connected to normal pulse type automotive speedometers that receive either 8 or 16 pulse speed sensor inputs. 3Upgrade the accuracy in your customer's car no special gauge needed! 3Typically accurate to +/- 1 MPH 3Easy conversion from traditional speed sensor to GPS Cyberdyne InC. dyne 1717 Park Street, Suite 110 | naperville, IL 60563 | Phone: 724.258.8440 | Fax: 724.259.8342 724.258 84 Quik-Link: 1-800-306-0133 ext. 12130 2013 January/February Hotrod & Restoration HRR_Jan/Feb13_Pages1-63.indd 59 59 1/25/13 3:56 PM

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