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n n n n Rod Shop PROGRAMMABLE RFID KEYLESS IGNITION SYSTEM BREAK-IN TRANSMISSION FLUID Flaming River has announced the release of its new Programmable RFID Keyless Ignition System, a hands-free unit that uses RFID proximity technology to automatically authorize a vehicle to start. The system can stand alone in any vehicle or can be integrated into any of the company's tilt columns in a paintable, black powdercoat or polished finish. The new system allows owners to use their keyless entry/trunk release system, door poppers or other remote-controlled accessories. A single fob can be programmed to operate multiple vehicles, said the company. Three versions of the product are available, including a dashmount version, a version that can be installed in a floor shift tilt column, or one that can be installed in a column shift tilt column. The new Max Shift Break-In Transmission Fluid from TCI is designed to protect new and rebuilt automatic transmissions during the critical 30-minute break-in period and initial drain process. The new transmission fluid guards against heat build-up and wear and was developed using ultra-pure base oils that resist viscosity breakdown. It contains all of the necessary frictioneliminating, anti-foaming and extreme heat additives. No other additives are required, and the fluid is compatible with other brands of ATF (synthetic and conventional). No flushing is required after draining. TCI Max Shift BreakIn Transmission Fluid works in most automatic transmissions and exceeds Dexron III and Mercon specs, said the company. For more information, go to For more information, go to Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12326 Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12329 WEDGE LOCKING HEADER BOLTS Proform Parts has introduced its new Wedge Locking Grade 8 Header Bolts, which are designed to solve the problem of header bolts vibrating loose without the aid of any wires, pins, clips, adhesives or special tools. The 12-piece set of 1-inch header bolts will cover GM V-6, small-block 265-400, Buick, Olds, pre-1980 Pontiac, Mopar big-blocks 383-440 (except 413) and AMC V-8s using 3/8-inch bolts. The 3/4-inch length is also available in 12- and 16-piece sets and is commonly used for cast iron heads where the 1-inch bolts are recommended for aluminum heads. The new header bolts are assembled using a set of wedge-locking washers so there are no additional components, said the company. Once the washers are correctly torqued, their serrated teeth grip the bottom of the bolt head and the top surface of the header flange. The headers bolts can be easily removed with a normal wrench. For more information, go to FASTENER LUBRICANT Ultra-Torque Assembly Lube is a new fastener lubricant introduced by ARP. The lube will reduce the impact that friction has on the torque reading, as well as the fastener's ability to reach the required preload, especially in the first few tightening cycles, said the company. The lube will provide the engine builder between 95-100 percent of all ARP's recommended installation preloads on the first pull without cycling the fasteners. It's also designed to maintain within 5 percent of the installation preload on all remaining cycles to ensure consistent and repeatable housing and cylinder dimensions, said the company. Ultra-Torque has a 360-degree melting point and will prevent rust and corrosion, as well as galling and seizing. For more information, go to Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12330 Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12327 STEEL VALVE SPRING RETAINERS COMP Cams has released new, updated steel valve spring retainers that feature a new, contoured look and are designed to minimize stress and increase lift. They are made to be used with valve springs with larger diameters and are specifically designed for positive location when combined with the company's valve springs. The retainers are CNC-machined to exact tolerances using CAD/CAM software and are made from high-grade SAE 4140 chromoly steel with no lead. They have a black oxide finish to prevent corrosion. The company offers both 7- and 10-degree retainers and valve locks. 24.5-INCH RACK-AND-PINION Detroit Speed has released its new 'Detroit Tuned' Rack-and-Pinion Steering system. The systems have been optimized to provide a modern performance feel on the street and track and are available in both standard (24.5-inch) and narrow (21.5-inch) widths. The racks are made from all new components and have the company's 'Detroit Tuned' valving, which is designed to specifically provide the increased effort and performance that can be found in late-model performance vehicles, said the company. The racks come complete with polyurethane mounting bushes and feature an internal inner tie rod boot balance tube. For more information, go to Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12328 60 For more information, go to Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12331 Hotrod & Restoration January/February 2013 HRR_Jan/Feb13_Pages1-63.indd 60 1/24/13 2:29 PM

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