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LOW VOC SINGLE-STAGE PAINT SYSTEM CLASSIC FORD PERFORMANCE CLUTCH KITS A new Low VOC Single Stage Paint A new line of performance clutch System has been released by Summit kits for many Ford classic appliRacing that's designed for the DIY or cations that are equipped with professional painter. The paint system the 289 and 302 engines has is available in 40 colors and complies been introduced by Advanced with VOC emissions standards, said the Clutch Technology (ACT). The company. The system combines the color new kits include a heavy-duty pressure plate, a choice of disc, a release basecoat and a clearcoat into a single bearing and alignment tool. The kits are designed to replace the Ford "Long application for quick coverage. The paints deliver a rich, brilliant finish with Style" 10-inch clutch. The F019 pressure plate incorporates hardened diaa flash time of just a few minutes. They will dry in less than an hour, said the phragm fingers for decreased wear and will provide for nearly 30-percent company. The new system also includes a full line of primers, sealers, reducmore clamp force than the stock unit, said the company. The kits combine ers, hardeners, cleaners and specialty additives. Nearly all of the products the F019 pressure plate with a performance organic street disc that can are interchangeable between Summit's Single Stage and 2-Stage paint syswithstand increased heat and abuse. The ACT Street Clutch Kits provide HRR0711isispower Pagea# QL#______411 tems. Summit Racing also offers 11 different single-stage flat topcoats that moderate and consistent pedal feel, smooth engagement and improved are fully compatible with the primers, sealers and other chemistry made for durability, said the company. They meet SFI Spec 1.1 and have an increased the Summit Racing Low VOC Paint System. torque capacity of 430 ft./lbs. at the crankshaft. For more information, go to For more information, go to Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12332 Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12333 INTELLIGENT MULTIPLEX SYSTEM The customer just called, they want to add… Wireless control One-button start Security Power windows LED turn signals Power locks Theatre dimming HID headlights Touch screen control • Battery management • • • • • • • • • • Express down windows • Daytime running lights • Air conditioning • iPhone control Let us show you how to... • Wire your car with the ISIS Power System • Reduce harness size, weight and install time • Troubleshoot and diagnose problems in the car • Add the latest features and functions to your electrical system • Satisfy your customers' need for more Watch us wire our 1955 Ford F100 truck with the ISIS Power System at How do we wire that? (847) 232-1991 ISIS Power – Electrical Installation Made Simple Quik-Link: 1-800-306-0133 ext. 12131 ISIS-7x4.875Ad-final.indd 1 6/16/11 4:58 AM 2013 January/February Hotrod & Restoration HRR_Jan/Feb13_Pages1-63.indd 61 61 1/25/13 4:04 PM

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