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n n n n Rod Shop HIGH-OUTPUT LED SEARCHLIGHT RHS BLOCK PISTON OILERS The Silo-4 is a new 40-watt LED searchlight now available from Delta Tech. The super-high output LED light will produce 6,400 lumens and will give off near-daylight illumination in a 20-degree-long range pattern, said the company. It has a die cast aluminum body with an acrylic lens to provide shock and corrosion resistance. The light has a 1P68 waterproof rating and can be mounted onto any existing mounting tab or surface. It has a thumbscrew vertical adjustment to help make it easier to aim. The Silo-4 features a Deutsch waterproof connector and only draws 3.3 amps so no additional wiring harness or relay is required. RHS has released its new Piston Oilers, which are made exclusively for the RHS LS Race Block. They are designed to keep pistons lubricated for optimal performance, even during harsh race conditions, said the company. The Piston Oilers bolt inside the block and squirt oil onto the pistons to keep them lubricated and cool. They are built from billet alloy steel and feature furnace-brazed construction. The Piston Oilers are bench-tested and qualified for angular spray pattern accuracy, proper flow and leakage, said the company. For more information, go to Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12337 For more information, go to Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12334 1968-1982 CORVETTE ALUMINUM RADIATORS New direct-fit Flex-a-Fit aluminum radiators for 1968-1982 Corvettes are now available from Flex-a-lite. The new radiator applications are available with both front and side outlets to accommodate the full range of small-block and big-block C3 production. The new radiators are available with or without one of the company's electric fans, which move 3,300 cfm of airflow. The new radiator and electric fan unit will bolt in without any drilling or cutting and will reduce the operating temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit while freeing up power to the rear wheels and increasing fuel economy, said the company. For cars with an automatic transmission, Flex-a-lite offers an optional direct-fit transmission cooler kit that mounts the company's Translife cooler to the front of the new radiator. For more information, go to SMALL-BLOCK CHEVY DRAG RACE PISTONS Diamond Pistons has introduced its new 2618 billet aluminum pistons for small-block Chevy drag racing engines. Features include center-ofgravity balancing to enable the pistons to operate squarely in the bores, and short inboard pins and bosses to reduce mass. The pistons also have smaller skirt patches to minimize frictional losses and slim ring grooves to accommodate 0.7mm piston rings. The pistons come with Trend Performance's new TP1 tool steel piston pins to help them withstand harsh racing conditions. The new domed pistons weigh only 380 grams. For more information, go to Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12338 Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12335 CUSTOM HISTORIC ROAD-RACING CLUTCHES Rick's Tanks now offers three different in-tank capable, high-volume fuel pumps. All three pumps are designed to be mounted inside a tank and come with the appropriate wiring, connectors and a pickup element to ensure clean fuel supply. The first of the three new pumps, PN 550001, is the most economical solution and will provide up to 225 LPH. The second, PN 550002 will provide up to 400 LPH, is PWM-compatible and can be used in high-horsepower applications. The third, PN 550003, will provide up to 450 LPH and is both PWM- and E85-compatible. PN 550002 and PN 550003 are based on a turbine design, which allows them to be used with the Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) controllers that are found in many new EFI systems. A new line of custom racing clutches for historic road-racing cars has just been released by Virkler & Bartlett LLC. The clutches are designed in particular for cars of the 1940s-1960s that had unreliable starters and clutches. The new lightweight custom clutch assembles are available with single, twin or triple friction discs in popular diameters of 4.5-, 5.5- and 7.25-inch. The clutch friction discs come in either sintered metal or carbon, and a selection of different diaphragm spring pressures are available. The fasteners, starter ring gear and other materials are made of aircraft-quality metals, said the company. The new clutches are made to suit the application, so an attendant linkage kit that's designed with the appropriate pedal pressure will be included if it's required. For more information, go to For more information, go to Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12336 Quick Link: 800-306-0133, ext. 12339 IN-TANK CAPABLE FUEL PUMPS 62 Hotrod & Restoration January/February 2013 HRR_Jan/Feb13_Pages1-63.indd 62 1/24/13 2:29 PM

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