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32 March | April 2019 // Features Dometic Dometic's new Moderno Toilet features innovative VariFlush technology. That means you can now use four different Dometic flushing technologies—VacuFlush, MasterFlush, RushFlush or Grav- ity—in a single bowl. VacuFlush uses a vacuum generator to pull contents from the bowl and push them into the holding tank, making this the most water-efficient flushing method of the four options. MasterFlush uses powerful motorized blades, RushFlush utilizes high-velocity water jets and GravityFlush is used when the plumbing sits directly below the toilet. Dometic built this model with an all-ceramic, elongated bowl and tall dimensions for an elevated level of comfort on your houseboat. Their Toilet Control Panel uses HandWave motion sense technology that allows owners to flush the toilet hands-free. "The new Dometic handwave control- ler is available for the first time to complement the model," said Global Public Relations Manager Minako Nakatsuma Olofzon. "Handwave is the first non-contact flush mechanism and is now available for all our range of marine toilets." The Moderno is a modern residential size marine toilet in a new contempo- rary style. If you're a houseboater, then you know that most marine toilets are smaller than residential toilets, so this is pretty cool. It is also the first Dometic unit available with any of their marine flushing technologies—Vacuflush, RushFlush or Full electric Macerator. Available in either 12- or 24-volt, it allows high levels of comfort in a marine environment. 800-542-2477 | A Royal Flush By MADISON WEAVER & KENNEDY RAY Okay, let's talk about this. And by that, I mean we should use some euphemisms to get us through a perceivably undignified topic that, regardless, needs to be addressed by so many. When nature calls, nature calls. Sometimes you gotta lighten the load, drop some kids off at the pool, make the bladder gladder… you know. Are we all on the same page here? Great, you're keeping up. Anyway, when you think about getting the royal treatment, you might not generally think of a comfortable bathroom experience, but with these marine-grade toilets and products, you'll feel like a king or queen on your houseboat, sitting on your very own throne. Feel like a king or queen on your very own throne

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