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1LIFE TRAUMA KITS 1LIFE RACE KIT The 1Life Race Kit is designed as a life-saving trauma kit that goes well beyond an average first-aid kit. Included among the more than 40 key products ready to assist in almost any medical trauma situation are a SAM Medical XT Tourniquet, SAM Medical 36” Splint, Israeli Quick Clot Bandage, and even Emergency Drinking Water. All items are stored in a sturdy dustproof, crushproof, water-resistant, high-density plastic container that stands up to the rigors of Baja racing. The kit is ready to help you save lives while waiting for medical assistance to arrive. MSRP for the 1Life Race kit is $175.00. Additionally, a Mounting Bracket is available through 1Life Trauma Kits for securely mounting the Race Kit to 1 ½ - 1 ¾ inch tubing. The laser cut bracket has welded corners, high strength straps and a locking buckle. Bracket retails for $75.00. ALPINESTARS SUPERTECH M10 HELMET The Supertech M10 Helmets in Meta, Dyno, and Solid series from Alpinestars are designed to provide motorcycle racers with the most high-performance protection possible, as well as to give excellent ventilation and comfort with reduced weight. The M10 features three-layer composite shell construction with epoxy resin bonding for improved strength and energy management. Liner is formed with multi-density EPS polymer to effectively absorb impact forces from multiple directions. M10 Helmets are available in sizes XS through 2XL and in multiple color combinations. MSRP ranges from $579.95 to $649.95. TECH 10 BOOT The Tech 10 Motocross Boot was completely redesigned in 2018 to improve functionality and safety, and to reduce weight, after more than a decade of providing protection and performance to racers. Featuring a patented Frontal Flex Frame that acts as a shock absorber by distributing energy across the boot frame to help prevent over-compression and hyper-extension while providing improved flexibility and impact protection. Available in sizes 7 – 14, and in multiple colors. MSRP is $599.95. ALPINESTARS SEQUENCE PROTECTION JACKET The Alpinestars Sequence Protection Short Sleeve Jacket provides Level 1 CE Certified protection on the back, chest, and shoulders. Lightweight polymeric inserts optimize flexibility, air ventilation, and comfort while contouring to the body for an optimum fit. The jacket is compatible with BNS neck supports and features a removable elastic belt. Available in black only, in sizes S – 2XL. MSRP is $159.95. BELL HELMET BR.1 HELMET The BR.1 Helmet is the first model in the industry that can be used as a traditional helmet, side air forced, or top air forced. It uses an innovative kit system that allows it to be adapted to different forms of racing or seat configurations. It features an aero duckbill design and comes standard with rear-facing Venturi airflow vents. Top Air and Side Air kits are sold separately with multiple nozzle options. MSRP is $529.00. BELL HELMET MAG-9 CARBON RALLY HELMET (photo bell mag-9) The MAG-9 Rally Carbon Helmet uses and ultra-lightweight carbon shell, progressive design, integrated and adjustable visor peak and professional fit for the ultimate in open-face performance. The Rally version of the MAG-9 features a high-quality intercom system, soft ear cups with built-in ear protection, and ultra-thin integrated speakers. An adjustable boom features a noise-cancelling microphone for superior sound quality. MSRP is 1,169.95. RS7 CARBON HELMET The RS7 Carbon Helmet features an ultra-lightweight carbon shell using Bell’s proprietary high-pressure molding system. The innovative shell and shield designs improve acoustic comfort, aerodynamic performance, and energy absorbing capacities. The advanced ventilation system uses 14 intake and extraction channels with air intake covers. Available in three styles with MSRP of 1,329.00. CARBONX CARBONX MX-12 SFI-CERTIFIED SOCK The MX-12 SFI-Certified Sock from CarbonX is designed specifically for motorsports and is knitted from patented non-flammable yarn and flame-resistant, super-washed merino wool. It far surpasses the SFI Spec 3.3 for Underclothing, and will not burn, melt, or ignite when exposed to flame or heat. Lightweight and flexible, the MX-12 features a reinforced toe and heel, and a cushioned sole for maximum comfort. Pricing varies by distributor. CARBONX C-59 REPEL Apparel made with CarbonX C-59 Repel is designed to shed molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids, and other molten substances while providing extraordinary protection against extreme heat and direct flame, as well as sparks and splatter. Repel is lightweight, water-resistant, and breathable, offering maximum comfort along with safety. Protective properties will not wash out or wear away. Pricing varies by distributor. CARBONX CARBONX BASELAYERS (photo active-baselayer-300dpi) The CarbonX Ultimate Baselayer provides the highest level of thermal protection and comfort, and is also an ideal choice for cooler conditions, while the CarbonX Active Baselayer is more suited to hotter climate situations. The baselayers will not burn, melt, or ignite when subjected to direct flame, extreme heat, molten metal, flammable liquids, arc flash, or certain chemicals. They are lightweight, flexible, and soft to the touch for the highest level of comfort, and thermal protective properties will not wash out or wear away. Pricing varies by distributor. IMPACT ION NOMEX BASE LAYERS The ION line of Nomex Base Layers are designed to provide the highest levels of protection, breathability, and comfort. The SFI 3 3/5 approved ION Base Layers use seamless construction with an ultra-soft, stretchable material in order to provide maximum range of motion without bunching. Available in black or white in sizes XS – 3XL. Shirt base layer has an MSRP of $215.00, pant base layer is $175.00. IMPACT INTEGRATED CAM-LOCK RESTRAINTS Impact’s Integrated Cam-Lock Restraint is claimed to be the most comfortable, easy-to-tighten restraint the company has ever produced. Constructed of high strength polyester webbing, the integral adjuster restraints meet SFI 16.5 specification. Available in 2” x 2” configuration in 5, 6, and 7-point versions, with bolt-in or snap-in mounting options. MSRP starts at $329.00. IMPACT IMPACT PHENOM RS SHOE The Phenom RS Shoe is designed as comfortable lightweight footwear for all racing conditions, including dirt and mud. It’s SFI 3.3/5 approved and is constructed with a soft leather exterior and a pre-formed anatomic sole of lightweight rubber. Velcro strap and Speed Laces provide support and adjustability, and an Achilles stretch panel enhances mobility and comfort. Available in black or white, in men’s U.S. sizes 7 – 13. MSRP is $259.00. NECKSGEN REV2 LITE HEAD AND NECK RESTRAINT NecksGen’s REV2 LITE Restraint weighs just 1.2 pounds while providing the same level of protection and certifications and NecksGen’s Original and REV devices. It features a new adjustable tether system, rubber grip friction pads, higher belt guides to add further protection in multiple impact situations, and improved shoulder pads. Unit also comes with free re-certifications. Quick-release helmet hardware is included. Sizes Medium and Large. MSRP is $569.00. NECKSGEN 4119 HR COMPETITION SEAT The 4119 HR Seat provides full features and options, and is popular for its versatility and compatibility. In addition to standard side mounts, the 4119 HR includes the option to fix the seats to the cage at the upper back for extra rigidity for improved safety and better transfer of feel to the driver. Lower portion of the seat back has an air-port that allows for the addition of a fan or duct to increase fresh air flow to the driver’s core. Available in Standard size or Wide and Tall. MSRP starts at $1,990.00. NECKSGEN RACING HARNESS NecksGen’s Racing Harnesses are SFI 16.1 or SFI 16.2 for 2-inch belts. They include lightweight aluminum upper buckles and steel lower buckles and are 5-point, with 6-point optional. Available in 2 or 3-inch widths, or 3-inch with 2-inch shoulder belts. Mounting choices of click-in or bolt-in, and pull-up or pull-down options for the lap belt. Webbing and hardware available in black only. MSRP is $159.00. PYROTECT VORTEX CARBON FORCED AIR SA2015 HELMET The SA2015 Vortex Carbon Forced Air Helmet from Pyrotect has a 100% Carbon Fiber shell for light weight and durability, and a fire-retardant Nomex interior. A removable six-piece headliner and cheek pad system allows for simple adjustment for a perfect fit, as well as for easy cleaning. Vortex forced air channel provides improved airflow and comfort. Includes stainless steel hardware and Kevlar chinstrap, and .125 Polycarbonate shield with tear off post. In sizes XS – XXL. MSRP is $999.00. PRO SPORT FULL FACE DUCKBILL SIDE AIR CARBON SA2015 HELMET The new ProSport Full Face Side Air Composite Helmet is designed to provide improved safety, comfort, and quality at an affordable price. The durable, lightweight helmet features a P1 venting system for improved air circulation, and a six-piece pad interior for easy sizing and cleaning. Duckbill design and rear airfoil reduce neck strain and wind drag. Includes fire-retardant Nomex interior and .125 Polycarbonate shield with tear off post. Sizes XS – XXL. MSRP is $649.00. PYROTECT CUSTOM SUIT Pyrotect’s Custom Suit Builder allows you to create a perfect, one-of-a-kind suit. Includes SFI1 or SFI-5 Certification, single, double, or triple-layer Nomex, embroidered belt, chest and back, up to 15 logos, front slash pockets, a choice of 8 available designs or a custom one of your own. The lightweight, comfortable suits carry a price of $325.00. RACEQUIP RACEQUIP 9160 SERIES CHEVRON-5 DRIVERS SUIT RaceQuip’s 9160 Series Chevron-5 Multi-Layer SFI-5 Driver’s Suit is constructed with an outer layer of durable Nomex, and a soft, lightweight Nomex liner. It features 180-degree floating arm gussets and stretch panels in the sides and back for improved flexibility and fit. Euro design is accented with black epaulets, two-piece belt, boot cuffs, and side panels. Available in black, red, or blue, and in sizes S – 3 XL. MSRP is $369.95. PRO15 TOP AIR SNELL SA 2015 HELMET RaceQuip’s PRO15 Top Air Helmet is SA2015 rated and uses a Fiber Reinforced Polymer shell, Expanded Polystyrene liner, and Nomex interior. Forced air fitting uses standard 1.250 round hose to route air under shell and across 3mm face shield. Includes 8-position tear-off posts, silicone eye port gaskets, Kevlar chin strap, and chin spoiler. Available in gloss white or flat black, and in sizes S – 2XL. MSRP is $279.95. RACEQUIP OUTSEAM GLOVES RaceQuip’s 356 Series and 359 Series Outseam Gloves are constructed with two layers of knit Nomex that exceeds SFI 3.3/5 rating. The outside seam design provides improved comfort and a better feel on the steering wheel. Palms are high-grip suede leather, and extra-long cuffed gauntlet provides extra fire protection. Mitered fingers offer a precise fit. Available in red/black or gray/black, and in sizes S – 2XL. MSRP is $69.95. “In the past safety equipment technology was essentially borrowed from aerospace and other industries. In the future there needs to be a concentration on developing safety equipment that excels in satisfying our specific needs in racing. You can see that already happening for instance in the helmet specifications where roll bar impacts are considered as a part of the certification.” --- Roger Mealey Marketing Director Racequip SAFECRAFT MODEL UT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM The Model UT is a fully automatic system for UTVs, using 3M Novec 1230 when hazardous temperatures are reached. 3M Novec 1230 extinguishes fires in seconds, leaves no residue, is electrically non-conductive, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and will not harm electronic equipment. The easy-to-install kit uses a thermal sensor on a flexible line routed directly to the area to be protected. Multiple sensors can be used for expanded coverage. Comes with machined billet brackets for mounting to roll bar, and is available in 3, 5, or 7-pound weights. MSRP starts at $553.00. SAFECRAFT MODEL PB3/PB5 FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS Model PB3 (3lb.) and Model PB5 (5lb.) extinguishers use 3M Novec 1230, and are Safecraft’s manual and portable units designed for roll bar or flat mounting. An optional quick-release, machine billet bracket offers versatility of placement and ease of use by simply flipping a lever. Can be combined with Safecraft automatic systems for added protection. MSRP starts at $259.00. The Model LT System is used by more racers in all motorsports than any other. The modular design and wide variety of activation and mounting options makes the LT easy to integrate into all vehicle designs. In addition to 3, 5, and 10-pound weight options, a super lightweight version is also available. System deploys 3M Novec 1230. MSRP starts at $491.00. “We’re seeing an increase in racers and the overall racing industry becoming more concerned with safety resulting in major sanctioning bodies outlining more stringent and specific features for fire suppression. A fire suppression system is one of the most important safety items for a racer, is one of the cheapest forms of insurance you can buy for the safety of the driver AND the vehicle.” --- Pat O’Keefe, racer and owner of Safecraft Safety Equipment.  SHOEI VFX-EVO HELMET The new VFX-EVO motocross helmet uses SHOEI’s exclusive Motion Energy Distribution System to reduce rotational acceleration energy to the head in the event of a crash. Developed in SHOEI’S in house wind tunnel to optimize ventilation performance. Uses a removable, washable, adjustable and replaceable interior that dissipate sweat two-times faster than traditional nylon interiors. Available in a variety of colors and in sizes XS – XXL. MSRP starts at $529. SIMPSON CARBON FIBER DEVIL RAY HELMET The Carbon Fiber Devil Ray Helmet from Simpson is Snell SA2015 certified and uses a carbon shell that allows it to weigh just 2.9 pounds in medium size. The Devil Ray is head restraint ready and price includes a plush helmet bag. Radio communications are available, as are top air and side pipe options at additional charge. Sizes XS – XL. MSRP is $879.95. UTV DOOR BAGS Simpson’s UTV Door Bags provide safe storage space for your gear. Reverse coil zippers protect contents from dust, dirt, and moisture, and reverse dust covers protect the zippers. Double side coated fabric allows for easy cleaning inside and out, and paneled construction allows for maximum storage. Available in universal fit and vehicle-specific applications. Price range from $59.95 to $139.95. SIMPSON SIX 0 RACING SUIT The Six 0 SFI.5 Racing Suit is a lightweight two-layer suit that offers flexibility and function. The suit is manufactured in satin-knit fabric with a soft inner layer offering excellent breathability. Stretch panels and full arm gussets give freedom of movement. Includes adjustable ultra-soft knit collar and half belt. Available in four different color combinations and in sizes S – XXL. MSRP is $999.00. MOMO SR6 Series Harness   MOMO’s SR6 series six point harnesses feature two-inch shoulder webbing and work with any frontal head restraint. The SR6 harnesses are available in red or black and provide improved ease of use with MOMO’s advanced aluminum active speed adjusters. The two-inch lap belt offers drivers with improved pelvic containment creating faster loading of the lap belt, resulting in reduced load transfer to the chest.  The lap belt secures with a lightweight low-profile camlock specially constructed with ECI guides for quick and easy connection, and the cam buckle is permanently affixed to the anti-sub straps resulting in faster driver changes. MSRP is $459.95 STAND 21 ULTIMATE FRONTAL HEAD RESTRAINT The Ultimate FHR from Stand 21 limits head movement in a collision, reducing the chances for serious injury. The Ultimate FHR uses an all-carbon body and resin-transfer technology to provide reduced thickness for a better fit between the driver and the harness. Sliding tethers allow increased freedom of movement. It’s available in different angles and sizes, and five color choices for the padding. MSRP is $1,395.00. LA COUTURE HYBRID RACING SUIT The La Couture Hybrid Suit is designed for lightness and extreme breathability, and meets SFI 3.2 A Level 5 specifications. Stretchable areas provide comfort and freedom of movement, as do gusseted pre-formed sleeves. Includes anti-injury inner belt. Individually sized and available in numerous colors. Additional customization is available at extra charge. Standard MSRP starts at $2,650.00. CLUB SERIES 3 FRONTAL HEAD RESTRAINT The Club Series 3 FHR provides protection at an affordable price, while still being lightweight and comfortable. Constructed of thermoplastic injected resin, reinforced with carbon fiber, the Club Series 3 has a 20-degree angle and is available in medium and large sizes. Includes sliding tethers, black padding, and a protective bag. MSRP is $379.00.

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