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February 2013

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TECHNICAL UPDATE 27 the Groundsman February 2013 As such, each pitch is individually assessed; pitches that have not received sufficient renovation in previous seasons will differ in requirements to those renovated on an annual basis. What's involved? A typical renovation on a well-maintained pitch involves: • Spraying with a suitable weed killer and given the chance to die back • A Koro-Imants Universe Rota will make an initial pass. The machine will dislodge and remove a high percentage of the existing sward with minimal disruption to the fibres. It would then elevate the arisings into trailers for removal and disposal. • As this process is ongoing, it will be followed by a Premier Pitches ContraRake which gently rakes and loosens any stubborn material left on the surface; any material not removed by the Universe Rota, particularly along the headlands, would be carefully removed. • An evaluation will then be made but normally a second pass would be necessary with the Universe Rota, in clean-up mode. • A further pass will be undertaken with the Premier Pitches Contra-Rake, to loosen the existing rootzone. • Levels will be corrected and made good using a Premier Pitches Grassmaster Restoration Rake which will help separate and stand up the fibres. • Topdressing would normally be applied according to the requirements of the groundsman or consultant. • Overseeding will preferably be carried out using a Raycam Aeroseeder followed by a Vredo Disc Seeder once the seedbed has been prepared. • Finally, aerate the pitch. Promoting longevity The key to the successful performance and longevity of a Desso Grassmaster pitch appears to be the efficient removal of the previous season's sward and any organic accumulations which have built up during the season. This is particularly relevant to pitches maintained under artificial lighting conditions. l Premier Pitches get to work Visit for more information and digital editions

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