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Art or Science? Lamination Tips Practical troubleshooting tips that ever y wra p shop can use By Jerry Hill and Luigi Cristicini | p r o d u c t i o n & i n s ta l l at i o n | Jerry Hill is vice president of new market business development for Drytac, a manufacturer and distributor of graphics finishing equipment and supplies. Luigi Cristicini serves as business development manager for Drytac Canada, and recently oversaw large-scale product testing and evaluation initiatives as national product manager. They can be reached at laminationtips@ with questions or comments. L amination is often the dreaded last step when creating sellable large-format, printed graphics. But, it does not have to be! If you know what to do when things go awry, lamination can be an easy endeavor. Here we'll take a look at the two most common problems with lamination – tracking and wrinkles – and explain how to correct them, while also providing several useful tips for troubleshooting. Tracking Tracking can be a major issue, particularly when you are trying to laminate long panels or a full roll of printed graphics. It is the result of bad webbing practices or an out-of-square laminator. Let's take a closer look at how to prevent tracking. TIP: To correct telescoping, use your laminator to rewind your media onto an empty core. First, you want to ensure that the roll of printed graphics is not telescoped (see Figures 1 and 2). Next, you should verify that the media roll is centered on the laminator, especially if you have crowned rollers. Make sure that the media and laminate are loaded onto the correct supply or unwind shafts. One cannot use just any shaft – it has to be an unwind shaft. Supply or unwind shafts are always un-driven, which means they do not have a direct connection to the motor. These are located in different positions based on your specific laminator model. Figure 1. This roll of printed graphics has telescoped. Figure 2. This roll of printed graphics has not telescoped. 88 I WRAPS I 2013 WRAPS-13.indd 88 1/31/13 3:28 PM

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