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110 is about all along—competition, in part, but especially collaboration, because brewing is collaborative by nature—and their persistence has paid off, even if the dead of winter instinctively feels like a bad time to debut a brewery. "I think we were a little nervous, not knowing if people were going to come out in the middle of wintertime," says Negrotti, his nerves calmed by the bustle around the space. "My parents said, 'You cannot open in January,'" laughs Corcoran. "We worked in bars while in college and January is just dead." is time of year, New Englanders tend to hibernate, drinking at home by the fire to avoid the unpredictable elements. But Corcoran and the gang had to obey their timeline's dictates. ey can't control the weather. What they can control is output. Hop heads and hop-wary types alike with an interest in Channel Marker must go to Porter Mill to taste their beers, at least for now. A south and west, there's Norwood's Castle Island Brewing and Percival Brewing; Canton's Trillium Brewing; Worcester's Wormtown Brewery, Flying Dreams Brewing, and Greater Good Imperial Brewing; and the king of Massachusetts brewing, Tree House Brewing Co., in Charlton. And that's a fraction of what the Bay State has on tap. Channel Marker is the latest to join their number—and the first Massachusetts brewery to open its doors in 2019. On a blustery January day hovering on the line between ice and snow, the Porter Mill taproom brimmed over. irsty patrons looking for liquid relief from the season lined up outside the doors, but thankfully inside the mill building, as Corcoran and Negrotti played apologetic doormen. e team obviously had the right idea. All they needed was to convince someone to help them get Channel Marker up and running. ey've had a clear angle on what independent beer take-home product is in the works but will be done in phases. e good news is that the beers are worth stepping outside for. Matter of Moons, for instance, an IPA made with Galaxy and Amarillo hops plus a healthy dose of Citra lupulin powder—a product made by flash- freezing hops—offers a burst of freshness from the Galaxy, combined with the aroma imparted by the lupulin, and a kiss of sweetness from the Amarillo, not from sugar but from the hops' intense fruitiness. Citra and Amarillo rank among Channel Marker's favorite hops; lupulin powder, too, is commonly used in their products, adding extra fragrance and taste without risking excessive astringency. eir Flagship IPA uses The Channel Marker Tap Room; right, signage for the brewery's IPAs, Porters, and Pale Ales.

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