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119 eeing your baby choking and turning blue is every parent's nightmare, and it's one that came true for one young Essex County mother as she cared for her baby. Luckily, though, that mother had just participated in an infant CPR class through the Connecting Young Moms program at Beverly Hospital. By the time the ambulance arrived, she'd already performed the lifesaving rescue maneuver she learned during class and her baby was breathing again. Funding for that CPR class, and for many T H E W O M E N ' S F U N D O F E S S E X C O U N T Y I M P R O V E S L I V E S O N T H E N O R T H S H O R E O N E G R A N T A T A T I M E. PHOTOGRAPHS BY SHUTTERSTOCK Heroine's Journey S b y A L E X A N D R A P E C C I other programs that Connecting Young Moms provides to the women it serves, was made possible by a grant from the Women's Fund of Essex County, an all-volunteer organization that provides funding to nonprofit programs that improve the lives of women and girls in Essex County. "at was a remarkable story about the impact," says Jodie Berry, LSW, LCCE, a parent education specialist and cofacilitator of the Connecting Young Moms program. But it's far from being the only remarkable story about the way that the Women's Fund has improved the lives of women and girls. Since it was founded in 2003, the Women's Fund has donated nearly $2 million to over 100 nonprofit programs serving women and girls in need or at risk across Essex County, targeting initiatives that promote social change, education, and empowerment. "We are a community of agencies, volunteers, and donors who are committed to strengthening women and girls, our families, and our communities," says Ro French, president of the advisory board for the Women's Fund of Essex County. "Sustainable change begins locally."

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