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NORTHSHOREMAG.COM 18 MARCH 2019 Braised Pork Belly is a fine example. e dish, stewed with a special chef 's blend of spices including star anise and ginger, along with soy sauce and rice wine, is considered cel- ebratory in China and is often served around Chinese New Year. It's tender and luscious, and is served with a generous portion of spin- ach for sopping up the gravy. Feng Shui's extensive menu also features classic American-style Chinese food, from lo mein to General Gau's Chicken and uniquely delicious fried rice, as well as sushi prepared by a separate chef trained in Japan. e sushi is definitely not an afterthought. e menu consists of a mix of classic items and some beautiful and innovative additions, all fresh. For a dish that is as decadent as it is attractive, try the Tuna Wasabi Dump- ling—thinly sliced tuna serves as the dump- ling wrapper around a mix of umami-laden crab and avocado topped with fish roe, with wasabi lending a gentle heat. e Chilean Roll is another great option, especially if you prefer cooked fish in your sushi. Grilled sea bass with edamame and avocado is wrapped in thin, beautifully marbled soy skin. e décor at Feng Shui is modern, with subtle nods to the restaurant's roots. Look closely and you'll see some symbolism in the modern vibe, from the custom light fixtures that are reminiscent of ancient Chinese coins to the beautiful calligraphy, while the wall behind the sushi bar evokes running water. Do not overlook the cocktail list: Feng Shui CONTACT 2200 District Ave., Burlington, 781-365-0918, has been recognized recently for its selection of mai tais and its Scorpion Bowl is much loved, and the house special cocktails, such as the Black Dragon Margarita, are definitely worth trying. e Black Dragon's blend of te- quila, lime, pomegranate, coffee, and soy sauce sounds odd, but it is actually well balanced, totally harmonious, and food friendly. Oh, and it's a really cool color, like a witch's brew. For dessert, try the Exotic Bomba, a zingy combination of mango, passion fruit, and raspberry sorbetto, enrobed in white choco- late. Or ask for a glass of the sweet-tart plum wine made with umeboshi, a Japanese cured plum. Either one would be a refreshing end to a satisfying pan-Asian experience. Clockwise from top left, Chilean roll, braised pork belly, Shanghai tofu with crabmeat, and the Black Dragon Margarita E AT + D R I N K

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