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NORTHSHOREMAG.COM 46 MARCH 2019 PHOTOGRAPHS BY TONY SCARPETTA When you walk into Dr. Frank DiMauro's dental and facial esthetic office in Middleton, the first thing you notice is art. Photography, graphic design, paintings, stained glass, sculpture, and photo cards are displayed everywhere. It's clear that art has been a lifetime passion for DiMauro, or Dr. Frank, as he prefers to be called, and patients soon realize that their smile—in fact, their whole face—is DiMauro's most important art project. Although he grew up painting with his mother and taking art classes in school, DiMauro's teachers discouraged art as a career. While working as a dental assistant, however, he found art in creating smiles through cosmetic dentistry. And during dental school, he realized that making dental crowns is much like the process of making jewelry, so he started making rings with leftover gold, and still makes jewelry for family members today. In 1992, Dr. Frank opened his dental office in Middleton. While building his practice, he frequently visited Don Martin's dental lab down the hall. e lab was doing the first dental implants and full mouth restorations, and Dr. Frank was eager to learn this level of dentistry; he went on to spend years learning technical skills at several prestigious institutes. Wanting to take his work to the highest level of cosmetics, Dr. Frank was attracted to the artistic approach to dentistry taught by Dr. Frank Spear, whom Dr. Frank describes as the "best dentist in the world." After five years of taking Dr. Spear's seminars, he was able to get into an apprentice course with Spear. Today, Dr. Frank is a visiting faculty member at Dr. Spear's institute. Since Dr. Spear had worked as a photog- rapher prior to dental school, he also taught photography to small groups at his house, and BRINGING SMILES Dr. Frank DiMauro is changing the face of dentistry. BY DAVID THOMSON Dr. Frank took courses on composing pic- tures, taking portraits, and using Photoshop. Today, Dr. Frank uses his photography to tell stories related to dentistry throughout his office. For example, a picture of a tree stump rotting on the inside relates to a tooth that has an internal cavity, and a picture of a tricycle represents how the jaw works. Dr. Frank, a married father of three daughters who lives in Woburn, also takes beautiful photos of architecture, scenic views, and interesting sites when on family vacations. ese pictures are displayed throughout his office building and are available for sale, along with cards featuring photographs both he and his daughters have taken. All of the proceeds from these sales benefit the Smile Train, an international children's charity with a sustainable approach to a single solvable problem: cleft lip and palate. To further incorporate his artwork into his dentistry practice, Dr. Frank runs contests in his office for a chance to win a canvas print. e charitable-minded Dr. Frank is also active in the Woburn Host Lions. "With the Smile Train's focus on the mouth and Lions' work to improve the lives of the visually impaired and prevent avoidable blindness, it is a perfect tie-in with my career," says Dr. Frank. "I'm especially proud of the work I have done to promote the Lions' efforts with Boston Renegades Beep Baseball, an organization that runs baseball games for the visually impaired, and creating and overseeing the club's annual Monster Dash Race." Ten years ago Dr. Frank took a course on Botox to learn how to help his patients with temporomandibular joint disorder, more commonly known as TMJ. is led to an introduction to Dr. Robert Gordon, a dentist who starts with the underlying anatomy of the mouth and uses it as the foundation to design lips and faces. Combining Dr. Spear's outside-in philosophy with Dr. Gordon's inside-out technique, Dr. Frank has created a "facial renaissance" approach that treats each patient's face as a whole, rather than simply focusing on a tooth in the mouth or a line on the face. is innovative treatment is breaking new ground. Incorporating esthetic treatments into his practice has brought both Dr. Frank's dentistry and his cosmetic procedures to the highest level, allowing him to better serve his patients. His philosophy of incorporating the patient's entire face into the design of their new smile is changing the face of dentistry. Dr. DiMauro focuses on the whole face in his dentistry practice— not just teeth. CONTACT L I V E + P L AY

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