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NORTHSHOREMAG.COM 70 MARCH 2019 PHOTOGRAPH BY DOUG LEVY Many people have a passing knowledge of cryotherapy, or "cold therapy," as being something that helps aid athletes' muscle recov- ery after an intense workout. While this initial impression isn't wrong (cryotherapy is indeed popular with athletes and people who regularly exercise), the practice also boasts a host of other benefits for a wide variety of people. e basic principle behind cryotherapy is that extremely cold temperatures cause the body to boost its metabolic rate in order to maintain and increase heat production. It is this increase in the metabolic rate that is responsible for the benefits attributed to cryotherapy. Among its advantages, the anti- inflammatory effects of cryotherapy are said to go a long way toward helping those HOT TREND, COOL THERAPY Pyara Spa & Salon is on the cutting-edge with Cryotherapy. BY LAUREN TORLONE MAHONEY who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Cryotherapy is also thought to aid various skin conditions, including eczema, and to help with anti-aging and overall skin rejuvenation, a result of the increased oxygen delivered to the skin during a session. Another often-reported benefit of cryotherapy is the so-called "energy boost" that follows a session. Clients have reported feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day with renewed enthusiasm. While it has become more mainstream in recent years, cryotherapy first originated in Japan in 1978. At Pyara Spa & Salon in Burlington, general manager Steven Florio says cryotherapy is "something that a lot of people with varying needs will see a benefit from." It is often sought out as an alternative to pain medication or surgery. While there is no guarantee it will alleviate pain, many clients have found cryotherapy to be something worth exploring before moving on to more invasive procedures. "Our staff often works with clients who have been referred from local physical therapy and chiropractic offices, who have suggested cryotherapy as something their patients should try," explains Florio. When considering a session, it is helpful to know what to expect. is is precisely why Florio wants everyone to know that at Pyara, your technician stays with you throughout the entire treatment and "verbally checks in with you every 20 seconds" to make sure you are doing OK. "We put hours of research into the machines we use to make sure we have the best," says Florio. All clients should arrive with dry skin that is free of any lotions or oils. Following check-in, clients are escorted to the cryosauna, where they will change into a robe, gloves, socks, and slippers. Guests experiencing their first session will not receive the coldest setting. To help give guests an idea of what to expect, Florio often compares a treatment to being out on a winter's day in New England shoveling snow. "After a few minutes, you get cold and red. It is cold, but not unbearable; it is something your body is able to safely and effectively recover from," he explains. "A session goes by quickly, is safe, and does not last long enough to drop your core temperature." Florio, himself a fan of the treatment, likes to refer to cryotherapy as "three minutes of natural wellness," which is music to the ears of many clients, especially when they find out that's how long a session lasts. Florio says that the best results are experienced "when you are committed to it. It's like anything, be it an exercise routine or a healthy diet—if you stick with it and are consistent, you will get the greatest benefit from it." Cryotherapy is not for pregnant women or people who have had a heart attack, or those who have a history of heart disease or blood pressure complications, and Florio underscores that anyone considering a treatment should consult with their physician before coming in. CONTACT S H O P + R E N E W

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