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94 MARCH 2019 opening 38 more franchised Elements locations between 2007 and 2017. Looking for leadership training for new Elements franchisees, Stabile contacted Ann Hargraves of Boxford, a former LocalTel employee who had moved on to a successful career in human resources. Like Matt Perry, Hargraves was a recipient of Stabile's guidance and generosity. Unfortunately, as they were planning the training sessions, Hargraves was diagnosed with cancer. Stabile insisted she put the training on hold and come into the Middleton Elements for a free massage every week during her five-month treatment. Once she was in remission, Stabile started talking to Hargraves about opening her own Elements franchise. "Steve made me feel so unbelievably confident in taking the risk, I knew he wouldn't let me fail," says Hargraves. "He would have come to work at the studio every day before he would let me fail." Hargraves goes on. "Steve would do anything for me, and the feeling is mutual. I know I'm not alone. Steve is always trying to figure out how to do something nice for others, which is why he is so successful." Never one to rest on his accomplishments, Stabile started researching other franchise opportunities in the wellness field. He came across Blink Fitness, founded by fitness in- dustry experts who were committed to delivering premium- quality, value-based gyms. Stabile went to meet the Blink leadership team and tour their New York gyms in late 2016. He was immediately impressed with company's "Feel Good Experience," which includes making sure members leave the gym feeling better than when they walked in. Knowing he could make Blink Fitness succeed in Massachusetts, Stabile left Elements in 2017, purchased the development rights for Blink Fitness in Essex and Middlesex Counties, and began scouting locations. In late 2018, the first two Blink Fitness locations opened in Massachusetts; the first was in Beverly, followed immediately by one in Medford, just five blocks from where Stabile grew up. He plans to open several locations throughout the two counties in rapid succession. When asked why he would want to take the risk of opening gyms in an already crowded market, Stabile says, "People are looking for a welcoming and encouraging place to go, and Blink Fitness provides it. I'm not a body builder. I've struggled with my weight all of my life. I love that this gym is for everybody, and I believe in its Mood Above Muscles philosophy." "It might take more than a blink of an eye to turn Blink Fitness into a household name in this area," says Perry, "but Steve did it with Elements Massage and I know he can do it again." CONTACT I N - D E P T H 100 Cummings Center, Suite 150F . Beverly, MA 01915 . 978-927-9909 Are you ready to take your wellness to a new level? Demystifying Wellness Today, wellness has become so popular a buzzword that many of us use the term without really knowing what it means. Wellness is essential to our overall health and happiness, we're told, but how do we go about attaining it? On our own, it's like trying to solve a puzzle without having the right pieces. At BodiScience, our philosophy recogniz- es that each individual is different and will achieve wellness in their own unique way. 2. Self-care is not a luxury, it is a discipline. Taking care of ourselves involves much more than having an occasional deep-tissue massage or once-a- year spa day. Just like we discipline ourselves to go to the gym on a regular basis, it is important to follow a personalized routine to eliminate stressors that our body perceives. When we allow our mind to rest, the body is better able to heal itself. 3. Energetic Balance is a science. There are a number of methods avail- able for balancing our energetic body, but few compare to the science of using vibration, lymphatic stimulation, and light therapy (electromagnetic light waves). Doing so decreases edema and increases detoxification, while also balancing our acupuncture points, chakras, meridians, and vital energy. When we undergo a therapy that realigns our body's energy (chi/ prana), we see and feel the difference instantly. An energetic alignment brings us closer to our true self, which brings energy, happiness, flexibility, and adaptability and creates an expression of joyfulness that can be seen in all we do. 1. Don't mistake fitness for wellness. It's not only our body that needs to be nourished and kept fit. Emotional health is just as important as physical health. Emotions are energy that vi- brates at different frequencies and can either strengthen our immune system or slowly weaken it. Here we offer three essential pieces to solving the wellness puzzle: We invite you to experience our signature treatment: A series of 5 treatments with tools for homecare. "Beauty of Emotions Face & BodyTreatments" The Beauty of Emotions treatment recog- nizes that beauty really and truly is more than skin deep. If our emotions are out of balance, we don't feel well and this trans- lates directly to our physical appearance. In many cases, especially if we are younger, we don't even realize the impact our neg- ative emotions are having on our physical bodies and our level of radiant beauty. $1,997

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