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OTIS, HERE ARE THE BURGERS. ONLY FRY UP A DOZEN FOR NOW. HEY OTIS, WE FORGOT PUCKS. DO YOU HAVE ANY RINK PUCKS WE CAN USE? DO THESE PUCKS LOOK A BIT STRANGE? THEY'VE GOT BUMPS ALL OVER THEM. BUMPY AND A BIT DRY. YOU BET. HERE'S A DOZEN. 12 / MARCH.APRIL.2019 USICERINKS.COM Industry News Updates from around the rink Resurfice changes the game with OLYMPIA Fan Mobile , Resurfice Corp. is once again changing the game, but this time in the name of safety. While everyone wants to ride on an ice resurfacer, it just isn't a good idea. Solution: the OLYMPIA Fan Mobile, custom-made to safely give seven people the ice resurfacer experience while not hindering the operator. Jamie Gibson, Assistant Director of Operations for the Verizon Center, received the first unit. "When having a fan mobile became the talk at our venue, not only did we want it to look like our machines, we wanted it to be the best and safest experience for the fans," Gibson said. "That is why we approached Resurfice to build us a custom unit. It came equipped to safely hold seven passengers with individual seats and belts, as well as custom steps built into the conditioner, eliminating the need for a ladder. The design is not only safe, but also practical. We could not be happier with the final product!" Contact Resurfice today for your fan mobile needs! American Athletic Shoe Company opens its first ice skating rink , The American Athletic Shoe Company has opened its first ice skating rink, located in its hometown of Ware, Mass. This location is ideal, directly behind the American office and factory buildings. American Athletic provides full service to the rink, including maintenance, hockey nets, and, of course, rental skates, free of charge. American Athletic wanted a place where people could go enjoy themselves outside during the winter months. It's great to see people using the rink at all hours of the day. There are employees from the local businesses and banks that come out for a quick pick-up hockey game during lunch hours, kids learning to skate after school and teenagers and adults enjoying a free skate under the lights at night. It's the perfect addition to the town. We are just lucky to be at the heart of it and see people fall back in love with skating. J PHOTOS: COURTESY OF RESURFICE, AMERICAN ATHLETIC RINK RANGERS by Mike Curti

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