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April 2019

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Page 16 of 23 17 l SYNGENTA CROP PROTECTION, LLC (800) 334-9481 INSPIRE XT FUNGICIDE Inspire XT fungicide provides outstanding control of Cercospora leaf spot and powdery mildew in sugarbeets. A combination of two trusted triazoles, Inspire XT provides translaminar and xylem-systemic activity for long-lasting disease control. Inspire XT offers quick rainfastness and flexible application options, easily fitting into any existing program to help achieve optimal yields. Please check with your local extension service to ensure registration status in your state and county. Inspire is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company. l VIVE CROP PROTECTION (888) 760-0187 AZTEROID FC AZteroid FC controls rhizoctonia to maximize yield and sugar content. It is the only fungicide that provides hassle-free mixing with liquid fertilizer, so growers can simply pour it in the tank and go. In addition to controlling rhizoctonia, AZteroid FC provides overall plant health benefits: improved greening, better overall stand, increased root depth and ability to withstand late-season diseases. AZteroid FC contains azoxystrobin, which has been proven to cleans up the soil in the root zone and reduce inoculum in the soil throughout the season. Ninety-eight percent of sugarbeet growers who used AZteroid FC in 2018 have reported that they plan to use it again in 2019.profile for users, the environment and consumers. l FMC (215) 299-6000 LUCENTO FUNGICIDE Powered by a novel pre-mix of active ingredients from FMC, new Lucento fungicide provides an exclusive combination of benefits for smart disease protection and high-yielding performance against the toughest diseases in sugarbeets, including powdery mildew and Cercospora leaf spot. With two modes of action (flutriafol and bixafen), Lucento offers long-lasting residual disease control and curative activity. It can also be used to reduce the burden on other important fungicides, like strobilurins, as part of a disease resistance management plan. l BASF (800) 669-2273 SERIFEL Serifel biofungicide is a protective biological fungicide that exhibits broad-spectrum disease control and a novel mode of action. As a product with a clean formulation, Serifel biofungicide starts growers off on the right foot when it is applied according to the label. When used as part of an integrated disease management program, Serifel biofungicide providesconventional growers with a unique solution to address challenges in the food production value chain. It has a favorable toxicological and environmental profile for users, the environment and consumers.

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