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C O N S T E L L A T I O N C O N S T E L L A T I O N Q & A: Lanie Bratcher 118 Q A What are your primary responsibilities? Centered at the WinStar Training Center, I oversee the therapies throughout the farm. I do the hyperbaric chambers, spa treatments, laser treatments, pretty much anything that is done from a rehab perspective. I have a great team that works together. I am not secluded to one division. We work with training and rehab most heavily but work with broodmares and yearlings as well. Occasionally, if a stallion needs assistance, we can also take care of them. I also help keep all the records up-to- date for the horses in training and in rehab. Q A Where are you from? Mason, Texas, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Lanie Bratcher By Bethany Wurl & Mary Ellet Wake up in the morning, have a little breakfast, go for a jog, and then end the morning with a relaxing spa treatment. Sounds like a dream morning, doesn't it? That is the life of a horse at the WinStar Training Center. In the same way that human athletes use recovery tools such as breathing in pure oxygen or taking a dip in the saltwater spa to rehabilitate after a hard workout or an injury, these horses enjoy the same benefits. The rehabilitation team at the WinStar Training Center plays a very important role in the success of the program, and that includes Lanie Bratcher, hyperbaric chamber technician. Q A & WITH WINSTAR'S

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