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May 2019

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Page 12 of 23 13 Re-Vive-al particularly potato and sugarbeet growers. "We're building a package of tools for growers of root and tuber crops to address all their soil pests," says Poon. "Our AZteroid FC product provides great control of Rhzoctonia in sugarbeets, and for black dot, black scurf and silver scurf in potato. "With just one molecule, we're able to get some drastically different effects," he continues. "Whether you're looking for a foliar application, in-furrow or a seed treatment, we can optimize existing products so they do things they won't do on their own." "Our approach," says Zatylny, "is to start at the farm gate and go back to the lab. Rather than having all our research guys in the lab dreaming up solutions to problems that may or may not exist, we can get actual solutions more effectively by starting at the farm." That's good news for a grower community hungry for ways to feed the world more efficiently and effectively. "Everything we do," says Anderson, "is all about rapid innovation to get new, productive tools in the hands of growers." n Vive's Allosperse delivery nanotechnology utilizes polymer "shuttles" to allow chemistries to work well together that otherwise would react in such a way as to make them unusable for growers. Sugarbeet AZ and Redline vs untreated

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