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e , r , d , f Education & Training Program Presented by Thursday,March14,2013 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. (Session 1) Comp Cams "This Isn't Your Grandfather's Camshaft!" Experts from COMP Cams will discuss how camshaft technology has evolved over the years, while showcasing the company's latest camshaft products. Holley Performance Products "Holley EFI" Learn all about Holley's self-tuning EFI in this informative session. Lokar Inc. "Lokar Install Challenge" A hands-on installation challenge in a team environment tests your understanding and knowledge of Lokar products. Get tech, tips and tricks from our technicians during installation and become an expert. Come cheer on your team and win great prizes! Ron Francis Wiring "Planning Your Wiring Project from Start to Finish" This seminar provides an overview of proper planning and installation of electrical systems, covering most common problems and how to resolve them. We will also touch on fuel injection, new product information and tech tips. VDO Instrumentation (Continental Corporation) "Instrumentation Installation" Wiring and troubleshooting basics. Seminar Categories: 9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. (Session 2) 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Session 3) Driven Racing Oil Bowler Performance Transmission "Lubrication for Vintage & Modern Engines" Learn about what has changed in the modern oils of today. Flaming River Industries, Inc. "Steering Systems and Solutions" You'll learn how to select the proper steering components for your build, from the tilt column to the rack and pinion. Hedman Performance Group "The Latest Happenings from Hedman Performance Group" A simple update on product development for 2013 and the latest happenings from the Hedman Performance Group. Steele Rubber Products "Everything You Need To Know About Weatherstripping & Rubber Parts" Get information and tips on the installation of restoration rubber parts and weatherstripping for a variety of vehicles. You'll also learn about custom applications for rubber parts, new parts and innovations in weatherstripping, and get expert advice on selecting the right parts for your next project. Restyling | March 2013 RE-March-2013.indd 42 2013shwbrochuremailer2_resize_nbm.indd 9 ididit inc. "Steering" Steering expertise at all levels. Maradyne High Performance Fans "Static Pressure & Why It's Important" Explanation of operating CFM through use of static pressure charts. How to tell if a fan will really cool your rod. Stainless Steel Brakes "Wholesale Manager" Technical presentation of performance brake system upgrades and related system components for street performance vehicles. Tanks Inc. "In-Tank Fuel Pumps" Learn the how's and why's of in-tank fuel pump assemblies. American Autowire "Choosing the Right Wiring Solution" We will provide you with information to help you and your customers select the correct wiring solution for any build or restoration. Classic Instruments "A Deeper Look into Customs, Technology & New Innovations at Classic Instruments" Classic Instruments will take a detailed look into personalizing your custom instruments, new products and innovations, and everything from sending units to direct fit application. Dynamic Control "A Quiet Ride" Solutions for thermal and acoustic problems. Edelbrock "Fuel Injection Done Right" Come learn about the E Street Throttle Body EFI, a self-learning, bolt-on fuel injection that is wirelessly tuned. It's time to take the carburetor off and upgrade to the new self-learning Throttle Body EFI from Edelbrock! Street & Performance "LS Engine & Transmission" All the ins and outs of installing fuel injection on LS engines and transmissions. Vintage Air "The Basics of Performance Air Conditioning" Overview of the basic components and principles of aftermarket performance air conditioning. Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain 42 "Technology Behind Transmission" This session will cover common problems and concerns related to popular transmission & electronic controls. 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. (Session 4) Brakes, Chassis & Suspension Interior & Electrical Paint, Body & Exterior 2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. 2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. (Session 5) (Session 5) Borgeson Universal Borgeson Universal "Power Steering "Power Steering Conversions for Classic Conversions for Classic Cars" Cars" This class will cover modern This class will cover modern power steering conversions power steering conversions for classic vehicles and will for classic vehicles and will teach you all you need to teach you all you need to know to update the steering know to update the steering on your classic car. on your classic car. Circle Racing Wheels Circle Racing Wheels "How to Determine Your "How to Determine Your Backspace" Backspace" Circle Racing Wheels will Circle Racing Wheels will explain the "do's and don'ts" explain the "do's and don'ts" when trying to determine the when trying to determine the tire and wheel combination tire and wheel combination for your hot rod. for your hot rod. Design Engineering Inc. Design Engineering Inc. "Thermal Protection & "Thermal Protection & Sound Deadening" Sound Deadening" Using DEI products to Using DEI products to protect under-hood protect under-hood components from damaging components from damaging heat and keep your interior heat and keep your interior cool and quiet the Boom cool and quiet the Boom Mat way. Mat way. FAST FAST "Fuel Injection and What It "Fuel Injection and What It Can Do for You" Can Do for You" Learn about the latest Learn about the latest advancements in self tuning advancements in self tuning fuel injection and what it can fuel injection and what it can do for you. do for you. D " R D t i g c D " H T i a h P " T b i P " L l " s i T " T G a r Powertrain Control Powertrain Control Solutions Solutions "Automatic Transmissions "Automatic Transmissions for Hot Rods: The Next for Hot Rods: The Next Level" Level" This session will go over the This session will go over the latest offerings in shifters latest offerings in shifters and controllers for and controllers for everything from C4's to everything from C4's to 6L80's, as well as which 6L80's, as well as which electronic overdrives are electronic overdrives are easiest to use, which aren't, easiest to use, which aren't, why that is, and how to best why that is, and how to best utilize them. utilize them. 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