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Bedline Story e , r , Line-X's Wagner suggests that before settling on a spray liner a work truck owner should consider a compound's flexibility, strength, impact absorption and UV protection when choosing the best formula for a customer's needs. d , f Our latest report on spray liners for commercial trucks, vans and other work projects. By Diana Merrill Claussen 44 Restyling | March 2013 RE-March-2013.indd 44 S pray-on bedliners are one of the best investments truck owners can make, regardless of what they use their truck for. When it comes to heavy work, truck owners and fleet operators alike know the value of a good-quality bedliner. For different needs, spray-on bedliner manufacturers suggest specific formulas. For example, those who use their vehicle for heavy-duty hauling, their truck beds usually endure a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Maybe a vehicle's fenders or its entire rear storage interior benefits from a sprayedon liner. So real protection is needed. 2/6/13 2:59 PM

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