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e . t . d X k t d n g n Spraying outside the box Bedliner protection is just one use for spray-on formulas. Todd Ishmael, brand manager of GatorHyde Protective Coatings, St. Louis, elaborates: "GatorHyde products are commonly used for bedliners, bumpers, ladder racks and areas like the top of toolboxes that require a non-slip surface for walking," he notes. Another very important area that [the company's] spray is utilized for is to protect vehicles' underbodies." Ishmael continues. "Manufacturers have found that the use of flexible monolithic elastomers … work well on the underbodies not only to protect against corrosion but water migration and penetration. Also, if one owns a compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion truck, they need a protective coating for the tanks and tank guards (mounted underneath the body) to provide an impact-resistant coating from rocks and road debris." Spray-on liner coating also might be used for, "wheel wells, rocker panels, tread areas, truck boxes, storage boxes and even as an undercoating or interior protective coatings for floor pans," Scorpion's Mitchell adds. Tools for the job As a consumer, choosing the best spray-on bedliner can be quite a process. That is why businesses that offer, or are considering offering, spray-on liners should first learn customer's needs, and next learn the market by finding who provides the best products for each need and the best equipment to use in order to apply it. And the tools needed must be able to accommodate the process. "GatorHyde products require a 1:1, heated high-pressure pump like the Graco Reactor line of plural component pumps for the application process," Ishmael said. "These are the standard in the industry and are a proven and reliable delivery method for these products." Another important part of the application process is wearing "protective clothing such as Tyvek® suits, gloves and respirators or forced air systems which are a must for any spray applied system," Ishmael adds. There are many types of application products to choose from. Al's Liner / Scorpion is working on a spray gun that recently achieved an award at the 2012 SEMA show. "We are currently wrapping up research and development on the electric spray gun, which was recognized as an innovative product of the year," Mitchell says. The gun will, "alleviate the need for air supply, and allow applicators to work off of a simple generator." Using a generator can definitely bring usage costs down. Pricing for standard air pressure and cartridge systems, though, has a very broad range. For spray-on equipment "a cartridge system will cost in the neighborhood of $1,000 and would include the applicator gun, one case of material and basic supplies to get started," Ultimate's Jamroz says. "High-pressure systems have a broad range and can get started at $23,500-$28,000." Lowpressure systems are not mentioned because they are phasing out in the U.S. market. RE-March-2013.indd 47 GAME CHANGING TOTALLY NEW WEATHER GUARD® VAN SOLUTIONS Winner of the prestigious Editors' Choice Award for Best New Product*. Our exciting, new van storage solutions are all about your organization and productivity! Better bulkheads with clear, polycarbonate windows for greater safety, visibility, and climate control. New Rapid Mount™ Shelving with tool-less adjustment, end caps, and notched floor clearance for maximum storage, above and below. A broad range of time-saving accessories. And Pro Packages for the unique requirements of specific trades and van models. *The Work Truck Show® 2012, National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Visit us at Booth 3759 at the NTEA Work Truck Show March 2013 | Restyling 47 2/12/13 11:30 AM

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