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Protective equipment in a protective environment allows for the best spray-on job. Photo from Line-X. e , r , d , f The needs and uses of spray-on bedliners are endless, and the bottom line has to do with protecting one's investment. Photo from Ultimate Liners. The inside of a chipper truck. Photo from Ultimate Liners. 48 Restyling | March 2013 RE-March-2013.indd 48 Fleet street But for the spray-on liner industry, the U.S. market is thriving. Some of the best contracts to obtain within the industry are fleet vehicles and businesses with utility trucks. "Line-X is ideal for businesses whose trucks routinely haul cargo. The textured surface can keep contents from sliding around when the vehicle is moving, but does not hinder the ability to load or unload heavy items," DeSmet says. "For organizations whose trucks handle corrosive chemicals, such as lawn services vehicles, [our product] can be applied to prevent staining and chemical damage that may otherwise put a truck out of service," DeSmet adds. There are numerous ways in which to approach potential large-scale clients. Jamroz suggests "working with the local governments/municipalities to make their service or product approved on spec (specifications)." "Another way is to find out who the dealer (who provides the trucks) is and work with them to show how they can make additional profit by adding a sprayon product that many customers prefer." It also helps to, "show the durability of the material and spray one or two (of the potential customers') trucks at no charge. Networking with truck dealers is a good idea so you can become one of their preferred applicators, Jamroz adds." 2/6/13 3:01 PM

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