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e t e y e d g t r r s o t " h l r - e d " f e . d - Ugly Situation Turn an Thing of Beauty Into a The bucket-lift chipper truck benefits from a liner coating. Photo from Scorpion Liners. Expanding the opportunities Appealing to commercial clients is the most profitable, and adding a mobile unit also can assist in profit, convenience and client appeal. "In the world of mobile units the world becomes very large and is not limited to just automotive," Jamroz notes. "In fact, oil and gas field businesses use our applications for pipelines, sub-sea valves, safety walkways and geo textiles." Other avenues to look into when seeking business are organizations that deal in, "automotive, commercial and industrial, marine and aviation," Mitchell says. The aim of the business is to, "give customers materials that provide impact resistance, non-slip properties, sound and vibration control, heat reflection and reduction as well as a general-purpose sealer to prevent corrosion," he adds. For those who find their clientele are eco-conscious, GatorHyde offers its GreenGator line. "Its formulation allows OEM manufacturers to enjoy eco-friendly marketing benefits of using a 'green' product," Ishmael notes. The needs and uses of spray-on bedliners are endless, and the bottom line has to do with protecting one's investment. If a client has, "a well-maintained truck, it will help build their business' reputation and raise their vehicle's resale value," DeSmet says. RE-March-2013.indd 49 with GatorHyde DLX! If your bedliner coating is bonded, but wearing through, • Clean it Out • Buff it Down • Blow it Out • Re-Spray it with GatorHyde DLX -America's Toughest Protective Coating! 1-918-237-2322 Visit us at the NTEA Work Truck Show - Booth # 5586 ® Tough Premium Spray-In Bedliner March 2013 | Restyling 49 2/12/13 11:22 AM

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