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Richart from Digital EFX notes, "If the entire fleet consists of vehicles of the same size and make, that can save time. Typically, we bring in the first vehicle to determine size, fit and color. We also confirm that all vehicles going forward will be the same. Once we have this information, we print all the hoods in one run, rear prints in one run, etc. This ensures that everything is the same size, color and fit. … There's nothing worse than seeing a fleet of vehicles parked next to each other with text and graphics that vary from vehicle to vehicle." lay over a background fill, you'll need to ensure that the stroke/outline is lighter in color so the message pops. Sometimes, cleaner is better. Doing drop shadows, glows and strokes around objects and text will result in a clean look. The first five commercial vehicle wraps we ever did looked great from a style standpoint. There was just one problem: You couldn't read any of the text. That error definitely made those initial wrap efforts ineffective. If the wraps we install don't make our customers Avery® Supreme Wrapping Film - Change The Way You Think About Paint k , e , r t n y r e t money, we're not going to make money either. All customers want a return on their investment. If the wrap is successful they will bring you more vehicles to wrap. Also keep in mind that some vehicles actually have less area than you may think to convey a client's message." DeSoto says, "Good design is good design. Unfortunately, some wrap shops forget this. There are a few key rules that every vehicle wrap should live and die by especially when it comes to commercial: What do they do? Who are they? How do you get a hold of them? In that order, in less than 30 seconds. "My suggestion is use a photo that emulates or reinforces what the client does for a living. For example, if this is a plumber, use some sort of plumbing image. The better the image is at getting the point across the less the public has to think and the faster it can file it into the 'I might need this' category. The [vehicle] sides should have an easy-to-read phone number or website, and the easier one of the two should be prominent. Then, the company logo. If the High performance and easy application... in your choice of 46 Colors: including 8 new brushed metallics and 5 new matte metallics! Size offerings: 15", 24", 30", 48"–10 yd & 50 yd rolls 60" – 10 yd, 25 yd & 50 yd rolls ALSO AVAILABLE! Shine like never before. Add that special accent or sporty touch to your vehicle with Avery Dennison's Conform Chrome Film now offered by Universal Products. Call for details For more information about all our products call: 800-835-2054 or visit our website at (samples are available upon request) Please stop by and visit us at ISA booth #3119 All colors are only a printed simulaton of the actual vinyl color Universal Products, Inc. • 521 Industrial St. Goddard, KS 67052 • Tel: 800-835-2054 316-794-8601• Fax: 316-794-2498 • Email: • Web: RE-March-2013.indd 51 March 2013 | Restyling 51 2/11/13 12:25 PM

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