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Big rigs are also unique because they are a completely different segment in our marketplace. Dezynery's DeSoto notes that only a few providers nationwide "can handle a large branding project for big rigs due to printer capacity and know-how." Photo from Identity Brand. "Most overlaminate films come in a variety of thicknesses. We normally use a 2-mil overlaminate, but we also use a 1.3-mil overlaminate for bumpers, mirrors, recessed areas and other complex aspects of a wrap. If you will be printing and installing window perf, make sure you use an optically clear laminate. Also be sure to use a manufacturer's laminate designed to be used with the media you're printing on. If you ever have a failure, this will help in getting a warranty covered. Use whatever type of overlaminate you feel 56 Restyling | March 2013 RE-March-2013.indd 56 comfortable with and gives you positive results. We always stress the importance of using a cast film. This will allow you to give your customers a warranty and [for you to] sleep soundly at night." Wheat stresses, "Laminate is very important and must be used to ensure the wrap lasts its full term, and in the end it makes the removal process much easier and less expense for your client. The main thing is to use the same brand of laminate and material: 3M vinyl, 3M laminate; Oracal vinyl, Oracal laminate; and so on. This is for 2/11/13 1:14 PM

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