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DeSoto from The Dezynery says, "Handle your housekeeping up front. When dealing with a fleet of vehicles vs. a single vehicle, there needs to be some work done up front on the organizational end of things. For example, document your fleet with both VIN numbers and photographs of each vehicle and each side of each vehicle." Photos from Mutoh user Premier Wraps, Fontana, Calif. RE-March-2013.indd 57 warranty issues, should you have one. The thicker laminate is less conformable than thinner laminate, so if you're wrapping a Sprinter with deep channels you will want a thinner laminate than you might use on a trailer. Other than that, the finish of the laminate can be the client's preference." DeSoto wraps it up with, "Laminates are like house paint. They basically come in different sheen levels. This really becomes a personal preference even up to metal flake and other fancy finishes. "The key thing a professional shop should look at is how the vehicle is going to be used. For example, a plumber may access a certain door many times a day, so throw some clear bra on that area; or a realtor may have clients in and out of their vehicle several times a day, so add some protection on the area where the client's hands or shoes may naturally hit. This will be the extra service and detail that will make you stand out in a crowd." Commercial wraps are an area where bigger means big differences. March 2013 | Restyling 57 2/12/13 1:54 PM

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