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Keep an eye out for questions and comments that are aimed at your business. People are turning toward social media outlets more and more as a first-line interface with businesses. The sooner you can respond, the better. A recent study notes that 42% of people contacting a company on social media expect a response within an hour.* This may just be answering a simple question or it could be addressing a complaint. When a negative experience crops up — while you may be tempted to just delete it — remember that, just like in real life, honest and respectful feedback goes a long way in solving issues. connect with 4. Ask for involvement This is twofold: Ask for involvement both in house and online. Your employees are great sources of ideas, information and skills. You never know what hidden assets your employees could have if you don't ask. Photography, marketing, and writing skills are just a few examples of assets that could strengthen your businesses' social media efforts. Ask your staff to help in providing great pictures or content ideas. Next, ask for social media involvement during customer interface. Think about the best way to encourage your customers to [Facebook] "like you" or leave a positive wall post or [Twitter] tweet about their experience. Could you have a poster by the front desk advertising your Facebook or Twitter page or asking people to "check in"? Get more creative by experimenting with a small giveaway contest or discount via social channels — such as offering a discount for customers that post a picture of your work and mention you in their online comment — and see how it works for you. Social media can work for you. Just like any part of growing your business it takes some work — but the payoff can broaden your brand's awareness and ultimately increase your profits. RestylingMagazine RestylingMagazine Kristin Cline is community administrator at Cie Studios, Long Beach, Calif. *Jay Baer, "Are Consumer Expectations for Social Customer Service Realistic?" The 08 Oct. 8, 2012. Web. . RE-March-2013.indd 59 Subscribe/Renew: Product information: March 2013 | Restyling 59 2/11/13 12:29 PM

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