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June/July 2019

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Page 6 of 23 7 Making Beet Harvest Easier & Eliminating Your Down Time Heavy Tube Frame Construction 1/2" Plastic Wear Slides 42", 52" or 64" Belted Chain For Faster Unloading Easy Access Doors At Front and Back of Cart Many More Options to Chose From!!! Call Valley Beet Service At 701-642-1181 To Order Your Cart Today THIS HARVEST with a BEAT THE CL CK 2372-2ValleyBeetServices12h.indd 1 4/9/19 2:26 PM 6. Synthetic vs. organic pesticides: Synthetic pesticides are effective much longer than organic pesticides. For example, the natural insecticide pyrethrin (derived from the chrysanthemum plant) is used to control worms in organic plants. Its half-life is 12 hours with less than 3 percent remaining on the plant after five days. A synthetic pyrethrin product has a half-life of three to five days. For every one application of synthetic pyrethroid, four to five applications of an organic pyrethrin would have to be made to achieve the same control. 7. Most newer synthetic pesticides are no more harmful than table salt or vinegar and other consumer cleaning products under your kitchen sink. 8. Organic farming isn't generally better for the environment than GM or conventional farming. Each production method offers environmental advantages and drawbacks. Organic production is not unconditionally better for the environment and typically requires more land to produce an equivalent amount of food as do conventional or GM cropping methods. These are the kinds of answers family, friends and townspeople need to hear and know more about. I encourage you to look at the entire study that can be found at and be prepared to engage and educate people about the tools we use to survive and succeed. n These eight points are surprising to most people and are great discussion topics.

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