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August/September 2019

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Page 16 of 23 17 l LANDOLL/BRILLION (855) 320-0373 3630 SERIES PULVI-MULCHERS Landoll Corporation features the Brillion Farm Equipment's 3630 Series Pulvi-Mulchers. Wider working widths, increased trash clearance and reduced downtime were the design parameters used to develop two new models in the series, available in 30-foot and 36-foot, 6-inch working widths. e new 36-6 model is 20 percent wider than Brillion's current 30-foot WL Pulvi-Mulcher and is the widest and heaviest Pulvi-Mulcher ever produced in the company's history. e new 30-foot model is 80 percent heavier than previous models, providing more clod-crushing power. A minimum of 24 inches between shank rows and three rows of heavy-duty S-tine shanks featuring 25 inches of under-frame clearance result in improved trash flow. To ensure a smooth finish, a leveling bar is located in front of the rear roller to help level ridges le by the shanks. Large, 8-inch roller axles eliminate the traditional center bearing, improve reliability and reduce downtime. l T. G. SCHMEISER CO. (559) 268-8128 TILL AN' BEDDER TB4 e Schmeiser Till an' Bedder's once-over operation tills, mulches, cultivates and firms seedbeds for planting sugarbeets, potatoes, corn, silage, alfalfa, grains and much more. S-tine spacing is designed so that trash will flow through the implement and reduce the chance of plugging. e hydraulic leveling bar comes standard with depth control indication and is located in front of the rear roller to knock down ridges le by the S-tines. l UNVERFERTH MANUFACTURING COMPANY (419) 532-3121 COVER CROP SEEDER Unverferth introduces a mounted cover crop seeder for its Rolling Harrow soil conditioner for time-saving, one-pass planting of these profit-enhancing crops. e new cover crop seeder option provides economical one-pass planting and incorporation with the Rolling Harrow soil conditioner by itself, or combined with a lead tillage tool for enhanced residue sizing and tillage. It features 40.5 cubic feet of capacity combined with hydraulic-powered air delivery for covering a larger area with greater productivity. e chevron-shaped, roller-style meter provides continuous flow of seed for an even stand. Application rate is determined by tractor speed and an electric-over-hydraulic meter setting. Operations are monitored with unit-mounted lights indicating air pressure, seed level and seed flow. Seed delivery pauses when the unit is raised, or with a cab-mounted foot switch. Additional features include side-mounted windows for easy monitoring of contents, a ladder and platform for easy filling, and a weather-tight roll tarp with ground-level operation. e seeder is available in implement-matching red or green. e new cover crop seeder is available with new Rolling Harrow 1245 and 1245D models with flat- or stack-folding designs up to 37 feet. It can easily be mounted to most of these previous models in those sizes. creating soil tilth with maximum subsoil fracture, 3) leveling the tilled soil, incorporating heavy residue prior to 4) final clod sizing and firming of the seedbed surface. n

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