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September 2019

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24 POTATO GROWER | SEPTEMBER 2019 Drexel Chemical • (901) 487-6005 • www.DrexChem.com Sprout-Stop Sprout-Stop from Drexel Chemical is a liquid growth retardant used to prevent sprouting in potatoes and onions. It is registered for use in dry-bulb onions, dry-bulb shallots, garlic, and storage potatoes. Sprout-Stop prevents cell division but does not prevent cell elongation. Bulbs and Potatoes will continue to grow after the appropriate foliar application date. See label for additional information. STORAGE EQUIPMENT & CHEMICALS BUYERS' GUIDE W ell, your little potatoes are all grown up now and ready to leave the field. Over the coming months, we hope they will fulfill their collective destiny, ultimately making their way to consumers' plates. To help ensure your potatoes are comfortable and safe until the day they become delectable delicacies, we present to you this storage equipment buyers' guide, with many of the industry's leading innovations for making sure your crop leaves storage looking as good as it did coming in. Gellert • 888-GELLERT • www.gellert.com/solutions/controls Agri-Star Control Panel The Agri-Star control panel has gotten a facelift. New features such as home screen icons show which equipment is on or off, helping processors and growers see whether everything is functioning properly. These icons also appear on the Agri-Star app for quick-touch control of equipment. Another new feature is the ability to set up alerts on the app to notify users that storage lights have been left on. Several new Agri-Star control panel models are now available, including the mMulti-System Controller, which incorporates complete controls for two separate sets of equipment. Perfect for those tight areas where space is a concern. Gellert's Door Controller can be added directly to this model for convenience. Seed and variety growers have had good things to say about Gellert's new, smaller and more affordable Bin Controller, which offers segmented and individual control. With Agri-Star, processors and corporate growers have visibility up and down the corporate chain as well as historical trend analysis for look-ahead planning.

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