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Script for THE REPORT: Citations to Public Records and Reporting Page 8 of 326 When it started, I was seeing someone. But, you know, the nature of the work and the hours… Scene 4: INT. OFF-SITE LOCATION - STAIRWELL - NIGHT – INTERCUT Dan jogs up the stairs with haste, holding a locked document bag. DANIEL JONES (V.O.) I wasn't a very good partner. CLIFFORD (V.O.) Five years -- and it could all go away… Note: These details are based on interviews conducted by the filmmakers. Scene 5: INT. CLIFFORD'S CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY - INTERCUT CLIFFORD Just vanish in the face of these allegations. I could certainly imagine an ambitious young man like yourself spends years with his head buried in some terrible spectacle, gets frustrated with the process, sees an opportunity to get the truth out faster -- maybe crosses a line? I'm assuming this is the most important thing you've ever been a part of-- DANIEL JONES I didn't do it. Official government documents and floor statements by Chairman Feinstein indicate that the Senate Intelligence Committee staff did not "hack" into CIA computers, and that the relocation of the CIA's "Panetta Review" was legal. According to a floor speech by Chairman Feinstein, "there was a need to preserve and protect the internal Panetta Review in the Committee's own secure spaces. Now, the relocation of the Internal Panetta Review was lawful and handled in a manner consistent with its classification." 20 See also CIA Office of Inspector General Report, "Report of Investigation: Agency Access to the SSCI Shared Drive on RDINet," July 18, 2014, which references the agreements between the CIA and the Committee. 21 20 Chairman Feinstein's "Remarks on Committee Report on CIA Detention, Interrogation Program," March 11, 2014, e2fd4f104c77/BDAADD85F318D8724B99149AF02AD145.march-cia-speech.pdf 21 Central Intelligence Agency Office of Inspector General, "Report of Investigation: Agency Access to the SSCI Shared Drive on RDINet," J , investigation into CIA improperly accessing SSCI computer system. 6b923ce9c31d/6BCB38FDF298AC48A414128191AA27C9.redacted-july-2014-cia-office-of-inspector-general-report.pdf

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